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Spirit to Spirit Communication

Incident-I / The Matrix


Spacefarer’s Yarn

No Freedom in the Zone

Trouble with Noble Causes
Freeing vs Freedom

Goodness vs Godness


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8 responses to “Full Index

  1. Suggest a Topic
    Some questions :

    Can there be MORE than ONE source (god) of all what is?
    Or, iIs it possible that some exists outside source ?
    What IS theta ? Theta = source ?
    Is theta, source creating THE OVERALL game of live, which means there must be rules (of the game) to which we ALL are bound? Restricted freedom and unknown rules?
    What is the relaltion of ONE thetan to Theta?

  2. [admin edit]

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  3. Colleen K. Peltomaa

    Dear Astar,

    RE the Ship, have had some non-significant communication with various personnel at various times, my interests now lying elsewhere.

    My question for you is if you have had a chance to give a studied look at Dennis Stephens’ “To Know” Games Matrix. If so, is there anything you can contribute to better understanding it? His manual is called TROM (The Resolution of the Mind).

    Thank you.

  4. Re: “non-significant communication with various personnel” <= ???

    impossible! – not my ship, not my personnel! ;-)

    Re: TROM
    [the term "matrix" couldn't be found anywhere in the TROM-materials – only in Knowledgism… ] – (?)

    almost all SCN-derivatives deal with "getting rid of UNwantednesses" = a "therapy for broken pieces". – An approach I consider a trap! – if not THE Trap.

    so 'no!' – I haven't deeply studied any of those 'broken-piece-therapies'.

    per Trom; what's wrong with "to know" anyway?
    and what is wrong with "to know not" ?
    what needs to be processed and UNcreated?

    nothing! – absolutely nothing!!

    The REAL question is:
    What is RIGHT with "to know not"? <= !!!

    I am a firm believer in the RIGHTNESS of things.

    We're talking mind-stuff here, far above materiality – NOT talking about the human experience and physical sufferings yet, okay?!

    The Rightness of things is a completely neglected aproach…

    Imagine you were able TO KNOW every thought your friends are thinking, even involuntary thoughts…

    Are you sure(!) you're abel to confront, react and function responsibly, ethically, politely and lovingly in that relationship, if you knew everything?

    If not, then there must be something very RIGHT about "to not know".

    RIGHTNESS is the reason WHY!

    It is a "security meassure" – per a Being's own decision.

    When a person decides, that today he is more able than yesterday to confront more; and he can better keep his position responsible, ethical and loving – the reasons WHY-NOT simply fade to nothing. They need not even be addressed by date-locate-name-blameing some mysterious galactic evildoers.

    A Being's level of Confront, Responsibility,
    Ethics and Love is in his and her own hands.

    No one else involved!

  5. Colleen K. Peltomaa

    I am sure it was not your ship. This particular ship had a priestess or magic person on it and a couple of other people who wanted to commune with me — it’s a long story :-)

    Thank you for sharing your viewpoint about broken piece therapies vs (what?) therapies that grant more beingness, is that what you meant on the positive side?

  6. > broken piece therapies vs (what?) therapies


    no “therapy” here!

    I write for individuals, who like to increase player-ness.
    Starting from where they are now. Everyone’s a player!

    NOT for individuals, who seek to reduce broken-ness.
    It’s a trap!

    In order to “reduce broken-ness” one needs to create (and/or agree with) diminishing considerations about self and others in the first place.

    .. and as a second step – later on the chain – to “bring therapy” to self and others…

    The (second half at least of this) article
    ‘Trouble with Noble Causes’ points out this paradoxy.

    it appears my english isn’t sufficient to make understood this simple (but effective) joke, beings play on themselves and glue themselves and others to an infinity loop.

    it is all about Considerations! – order of considerations…

  7. Am i also from your personnel and ship? I mean, am i a member of Galactic Patrol? :D

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