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What Matrix?

Yes, yes – as in the Matrix-Movie-Trilogy. Exactly THAT Matrix!

Matrix is sort of the real world’s term for the result of Incident One.

Everybody’s in it – the “prison for your mind”, which few yet managed to get out of. So in order to solve that, you’d have to put on the hat of The Architect. This is in matrix-terms, what I mean when talking of the Creator-Viewpoint.

Architect now gets closer to freemason-terminology. So, is it “bad”? Aren’t “they” always bad? And aren’t “we” always good? You tell! When looking at YOUR creation from the Architect’s viewpoint – is it? – are they? – are we?

The Architect is the one, who operates the Matrix from an exterior position, not subjected to (or victim of) anything going on within. That’s quite the definition of “OT”.

So here we have another attempt of bringing the big concept closer to the seeker/finder (I prefer ‘finder’).

The Matrix Movies were the script writers’ way of telling the story to the folks on the street. The Incident-I story was Hubbard’s way of telling the same story. I’m not saying it ever happened exactly as they told or that it’s the only valuable approach, but each story is a way to make it beyond the veils of supposed reality – by You making yourself the Mastermind, by taking full responsibility for it all – being the Creator.

Only lately – when I typed the exact words of the new-agie’s cluster-think: “We are all One” – I realized, that even they, however sophisticated all of their mind techniques might be – have not yet looked beyond the veil. They are still trapped also.

All new-agie tech deals with stuff inside the Matrix, like most SCN/freezone tech deals with stuff past-Inc-I – up and down the time-track – on and on – round and round – endlessly.

Here’s a secret (not!;-): Inside the Matrix / known Universe/ past-Inc-I space and time is curved – whichever direction you take, you’re running circles – without ever reaching an end. You wont ever reach the end of the socalled bridge through examining circular time-tracks – however thoroughly. Yes, there is much to re(dis)cover and it’s all very interesting and so good for the ego to have such an impressing time-track – and so many important lifetimes to wear like a badge of honour – and you can become a successful happy little feelgood thetan – and still be trapped in the “prison for your mind”. – Unless you step away from the curved track and willingly connect with static-you.

You know it already:  Static has no ‘time’…  – at least not attached to his butt.


Freedom Key

Scientology made a number of bold claims on what it is and what it’s application can bring about. So it claims to be the Bridge to Total Freedom, sometimes watered down (or up;-) to Bridge to Total Spritual Freedom, and that it will return to you your original godlike powers – a technique for returning you to 100% cause.

I’m all for it :-)

100% Cause is 100% Responsibility.

100% Cause is also the definition of Ethics!

Full Responsibility is the KEY to Freedom!

Over the course of writing this blog, there have been a number of private feedbacks. One of those backfeeders could not make sense of my emphasis on Ethics and asked me: how man crimes do I commit per day…

Obviously he believed that the Co$’s perverted and misapplied “ethics-of-punishment” must be the real thing, so that whenever you see someone  applying ethics, it must be a hard-core criminal. – Laughable!

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In the Co$ ethics is only done, when something goes majorly wrong with somebody’s spiritual journey.
Fact is: At that point it is too late to worry about where and how of your spiritual path!

Every journey, whether physical or spritual must have a defined starting point! Every journey starts at a definite point “A”, ends at a definite point “B”, and takes several steps along the way.

Spiritual journeys are no different from any other journeys. Like when a Captain of a ship sets sails to yet unknown territories. First he will quietly sit down and work out where exactly his current coordinates in the now known territory is. That is his starting point.

In $cientology this defining part never happens! There is no defining the coordinates of each individual’s starting point. Instead scientologists totally depend on someone else TELLING them where they are, telling them what they’re supposed to do, telling them which direction to take and telling them to keep going, whithout ever telling what the purpose of the journey might be – instead the journey itself has become the purpose. –  Marching blindly from one foggy spot in the nowhere through the fog to foggy neverneverland.

If that is what you really want, don’t let me disturb you. I wont ask twice. You might even become a happy little prisoner along your never ending journey.

Scientologists are like the beaten and confused wife, demanding a ticket from the man on the counter of a train station.
He asks: What can I do for you?
She: Give me a ticket. I want to get AWAY!
He: Okay, where do you want to go to?
She: A better place!

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The key to everything is Ethics! It’s as simple as that ;-)

This means ethical ethics – ethics of deceny, logics and consistency.

In order to have an ethics system, which builds the solid foundation of your progress, your ethics has to be consistent across all levels of your being.

There are NO exceptions, NO excuses, NO finger-pointing.

There is not one set of rules for the good guys and another set of rules for the bad guys and another set of rules for other dynamics, extraterrestrials, the illuminati, markabians, reptilians, implanters etc…

Scn-church ethics were not entirely consistent. An example: If all beings are basically good – why would one need a rule to “utterly destroy”? Either all beings are good or there are good and bad beings – The bad ones are of course those, who destroy other beings. When the good ones destroy the bad ones, the good ones have become bad themselves – with no good one left.

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When preparing a map of yet uncharted territory – programming your case – or what you believe it to be – the Hypercube a is an easy to keep in mind system.

There are a certain number (n) of Ethics Conditions, a certain number of Dynamics and a certain number of Flows. Take these into a multiplication and you get a 3 dimensional grid – a cube. A cubical Bridge so to say.

ETHICS / Foundational Layer

Higher Spirit’s Conditions (Ethics-Clear)

1. Confusion Locating Self in Space/s & Time/s = Where You Are
2. Treason Deciding upon an Existence = That You Are
3. Enemy Self-Defining = Who You Really Are
4. Doubt Goals and Purposes = What You Really Want

Additional Conditions for RealLife-Undertakings

12. Power
11. Power Change
10. Affluence
9. Normal Operation
8. Emergency
7. Danger
6. Non-Existence
5. Liability

The DYNAMICS / Vertical Slices

1. Self. A single, individual Being
2. Male&Female Creator operating as a Couple
3. Groups of Individuals united in a shared purpose
4. A Planetary Population
5. All life forms anywhere including flora and fauna
6. All Things created – including Physical Universes
7. All Spirit
8. Supreme Being, Dreamer dreaming

The FLOWS / Horizontal Slices

Flow 0:
You do or fail to do something to yourself.

Flow 1:
Something happening to yourself or another doing something to you.

Flow 2:
You doing something to another.

Flow 3:
Others doing things to others. You see it happen as a spectator.


How can you use this Hypercube for your processing?

First you would brush the dust off your 1st Dynamic ethics conditions on Flow-0.

Then the next Dynamic up – you in relation to the 2nd Dynamic.
Whether you have an actual Partnership and/or Family running in the ‘now’ and ‘here’, doesn’t matter so much.

What matters is that you clear yourself of considerations, expectations, goals etc, that might be limiting you in a relationship or might be limiting your family members.

So that everything that can be summed up under “can’t have / must have” are no bothering issues.
(can’t be/do/have – must be/do/have – must not be/do/have)

Next, see what you can do on the sector of Groups: Considerations, expectations, goals…

The first step in all this clearing is, that you get your TR-0 in.

Whatever it may be, that you want to address in your processing on any of your dynamics, the most important thing is, that you are able to confront any issue comfortably, so that you really have a free choice and can set priorities.

If you set sails for handling the “big issues”, make sure you start with a relaxed attitude, so that your “quest” does not overwhelm you. “Confront in” first!

Necessary for making logical decisions and working out appropriate and applicable solutions.

Wanting to change anything in the universe that surrounds you is pointless, before you’re able to confront your universe AS it IS.

Then decide, if you’re interested enough in an issue, to do something about it.

When it comes to higher-dynamic stuff, it is clear, that there are countless things that need change and that may be waiting for solutions. The sheer number of issues to solve may seem overwhelming … again, here is confront needed first. Also don’t hesitate to set priorities.

Yes, it is possible for one dedicated being to handle the entire universe alone. But it can take a while; the universe has some com-lag . . . It’s a bit of a drag piercing through a group’s case.

Let’s take the shared group’s case of say the group of Israelis and the group of Palestinians. Just imagine you would have to clear all single individuals involved, one after the other, remotely…

You might want to know of  a more effective way of addressing higher dynamics case and team up with others – which amplifies your impact exponentionally.

Do you? ;-)

(keywords: Matrix-Programming, Concept-Processing and Considerations-Processing)


Article re-written 14th Mar. 2010

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Advantage TR-0

There is one major advantage, which TR-0 has – as described in Free Solo Processing, why I prefer it to any other approach.

Processing is done silently, without words.

As I said in “incident-i-solved” all beings are connected with each other via their chakra-system – it’s a kind of energy-matrix. So when you put out words – even when done telepathically in remote solo-sessions – even when addressing something that you believe is only aparent at your own personal meat-body – there is a counterpart – a counterbeing somewhere at the other end of an energy path, who will be addressed simultaneously. All the beings whom you share a piece of time with in any game that you ever were in.

This can be plenty of beings – hundreds, thousands… not “BTs” – PERSONS! They will notice something is going on, while you are in session. But they did not choose to be in session with you. You might be at them while they’re totally unprepared and might not like someone poking around in their (and your) shared case.

At one time someone had me in a session like that. Over three days a guy from overseas kept asking me: “Who are you? What are you?” Obviously he thought I was a “BT” – he had no clue who he was dealing with, while I even got a mental image picture of his face speaking the words of those auditing commands. I played along for two days, played the nice little “BT” and gave (unspoken) the correct answer:”I am me!” (who else could I be?;-) – time after time – man, this guy was serious. It was getting boring. On the third day I (silently) told him: if he’s got no useful questions to ask, to please bugger off – which he did. He gave up. – That was one of those Uberfreezoners with a flock of followers. (not naming names again;-)

If he had not addressed someone familiar with “BT-handling” but an unaware stranger and if he had asked asked case-relevant questions, he might have caused severe restimulation to that person.

Words trigger mental images. Mental images trigger case restimulation.

Ever heard of those OTs gone nuts on NOTS?

When you go and trigger case on a person far below their level of consciousness, they will unconsciously push against it. Guess who’s on the other end of their line. You!

If you want to session people remotely, fine. Just make sure to not force your commands upon them – especially not in a way that they can identify you by your mental image picture. – How stupid is that!

There is another way. At another time I must have caught someone’s attention through a news-group … someone checked me in his or her session – a kind of scan from head to toe – very lightly – I felt totally understood. Like being touched by an angel.
I have a good idea of who the ‘angel’ was – quite sure – but not quite… ;-)

This angel-touch is the effect you’re getting, when you’re just being there, no questions, no pushing, no pulling, no evaluating, just perceiving – TR-0. Active Calmness.

With little imagination one can figure out, that one can remotely cause great disturbance in another being (characters of the dark path do it all the while) or cause great relief – even gather heaps of knowlege, while going undetectable, unidentifiable.

Remember: Static doesn’t emit words, waves, particles or energies…

In the regions (in lack of a better word) beyond Incident-I there is no use of language anyway. Language was invented relatively late on the track. In dissolving the time-track conglomerates languages are dissolved to. Latest first.

So better start working out how spritits navigate through spirit-space… ;-)

anOTher body

Having an other body – a spare body – in the same sphere of game, that you can come back to, pick up and continue playing, is quite convenient. Saves one a lot of time, which would otherwise be used for letting that body grow up, taking it to school and such.

Ron spoke early about the possibilities of spirits running several bodies simultaneously. As it often goes with postulates, you think a bold thought of the sort: I’d like to have another body, this might be very useful later … and inside you laugh your own boldness away and forget about the idea – while externally your intention propagates out into the universe and takes form.

So, during those years in between it wasn’t that I consciously knew there was another body. But a feeling, that someone – some body (literally) was missing in my life – someone who should have been there, but wasn’t.

From the human person’s viewpoint you run each body, as if it is your only one – and you sure don’t go around thinking you’re some “body else”. From the perspective of being a “person” (spirit+body) each person is 1 Self. From a higher perspective though, this may look differently. I recall a time earlier, when I ran two bodies together in one area. Thoth and Maat. Same spirit – two bodies – that was nice.

In restrospect it appears that the lifetimes, which one spends in one and the same sphere of game, decrease in “importance”. Not necessarily because of that ever so dreaded “dwindling spiral” – it’s just that there is less and less to add to the message you brought to the folks of earth last time around. It was never intended to stick around here forever – at least that is not my intention.

If the beings on earth had their homes in many different places, times and universes, why would anyone want to be crammed together with everyone else, when you only have very little in common?

Spirit Names

Paramejgian refers to that aspect of Astar, which was incarnated in the WBR-Body. This aspect was withdrawn and returned to the ship.

Still the player Astar has another “Hand” in the game – writing these words to you. Similar to when a painter loses his right hand – he would still continue to create his art – just with his hand that is left – the “left hand” . The creations are still by the same artist, although a left hand is not the same as a right hand. Obvious, isn’t it? ;-)

(oh, how I hate people referring to themselves in third person – LOL)

Just like an artist would never claim, he is his right hand, and his right hand would never claim to be the artist, and his left hand would never claim to be the right hand – I am not claiming any of such obvious stupidities.

I never was my shirt, I never was my paint-brush, I never was my car, I never was my motorbike, I never was my body, I never was ANY body – and I was NEVER DEAD!

So! The remaining body does not carry the paramejgian-extension. The word itself is only used so that someone using a search engine can find this blog. I use another extension now – not mentioned here, like the name of the body is not mentioned here. Neither is a secret, but since I can’t think of anything (or can you?) my body could tell you, that my words can’t, it’ll stay in private life.

Funstuff: Soundsimilarities

Paramatman: In Sanskrit the word param means “supreme” and atman means “soul”; thus Paramatman literally means “Supreme-Soul.”

Paramecium: Paramecia [plural] are widespread in freshwater environments, and are especially common in scums. Recently, some new species of Paramecia have been discovered in the oceans. […] The question of whether paramecia exhibit learning has been the object of a great deal of experiment, yielding equivocal results. In one of the most recent experiments published, the authors, by using a voltage as a reinforcement, concluded that paramecium may indeed learn to discriminate between different brightness levels.


Incident-I Solved

It is essential to solve your Inc-I as quickly as possible!

Remember: Inc-I as it was told was where/when the entrappment of spiritual beings had its beginning. The beginning of seemingly tightly knit-together timelines, the stuckness in a seemingly solid physical environment and physical bodies that are likewise just too solid – and the foundation for BTs was laid.

Before that there was no solid time and no unease caused by BTs.

So in order to solve the BT-issue, go straight to Inc-I and solve that, instead of endlessly grinding on them later on the track. Like you would in a dianetics session – touch lightly on later events if necessary, but do everything possible to get hold of the one basic event at the beginning of a chain.

Once you have taken your Inc-I apart in all its aspects, you see what those socalled BTs are/were in truth and they wont bother you anymore.

This incident was painless, so it is safe to do.

Inc-I as given by LRH:
Loud snap – waves of light – chariot comes out, turns left
and right – cherub comes out – blows horn, comes close – shattering series
of snaps – cherub fades back (retreats) – blackness dumped on thetan.”

For solving this I reread my own (WBR-)stuff and found also useful the descriptions as given by L.Kin plus some other excaliburs found online.

So there is this scenario of that big circus-tent, where the audience is spirits in glass-bodies fixed to the seat. I tend to view those bodies as solidified water instead of glass – ice. The human body is mostly water and it’s just more likely that when you want to accustom spirits to using bodies you give them something similar.

While you watched the ongoings on the stage all sorts of stuff was beamed at you. The seat introduced gravity and electro-magnetic waves. From abobe – center of tent top came rainbow coloured spinning light beams – like a modern laser-show. It was packed with meaning – TOO MUCH input for one time…

When ‘one time’ isn’t enough, you create an other time. There you have it. Linear time came to be.

Here the second split happened: “NOT NOW!” I will put it in my “mind” and decode all that meaning LATER. (Just let me watch the show)

The show on that stage was only to distract your attention – to devide you. The first split!
In order to enjoy the whole thing, you had to be HERE (in that doll body) and in the same now THERE at the stage.
It’s a trick you’re still doing – right now;-)

Since then, how many times have there been when it was just too much and you stuffed it in your data banks to look at it later? This is all that makes a ‘case’ – it is a suit_case full of half digested memories you considered worthy of keeping for LATER. Time-Track.

At this same incident the chakra-system was installed – those spinning rainbow lights. Since it looks pretty cool – aesthetics! – we probably thought it worthy of keeping.

Now this is what really glues a spirit to a body and the physical universe itself. The spin of the initial beams is the same frequency (or harmonic) as the spin of (physical) atoms. The chakra-system synchronizes you with physicality. It is your own personal interface between spirit and matter. Not quite physical and not quite spiritual – a kind of energy-hybrid. It contains the tonelevel of its creator (aesthetics – very high on the scale – yes, the old aesthetics-trap) and can be influenced by your own tonelevel/emotions and thus influences your body’s energies and physics.

This is probably why the new-agie (and old-agie) scene puts so much emphasis on gettings one’s chakras straight – and why amongst new-agies there is this idea of “we are all one”. Via the chakra-system every body is connected with everybody else. Through these connections, which are basically com-lines, you can do fancy – even useful – things, but in essence this system is a vehicle to control.

In SCN this connection to everybody was interpreted as clustered beings – “we are all one” that’s clearly cluster-BT-thinking. Awww – poor new-agies ;-)

So, at the other end of each of these com-lines there is not a “BT” but a spiritual being, an actual someone. If you feel like nothing else to do, you can of course audit them all remotely – good luck with that! ;-)


If you feel more like regaining your capabilities, run Inc-I from creator-viewpoint. Done by Identification.

Identification is one of the most powerful spirit tools.

Whatever you can create, you can undo and solve.


At the top/bottom of Inc-I there waits the next trap.

I know of at least two others, who claim they have solved Inc-I, both have fallen for that trap … – we’re not naming any names here now ;-)

In order to closely examine, reverse engineer, take apart and undo Inc-I, use your Identification tool. Be the creator, the mastermind behind and (!)exterior(!) of Inc-I.
Creatorship of Incident-I was assigned to Xenu. You’ve got to actually wear the old xenu-hat and be Xenu yourself. That’s not the trap, btw. I was Xenu too. It’s not all that “bad” – it is actually quite interesting when finding out: why did I do this, what did I create that for, what was the purpose of this? … and so on.

The Endphenomenon of running Inc-I is what I call the “Universe Cognition”.

You look at Creation – the Universe – YOUR creation – all questions answered.

Big “Wow, look at me – I made all this. Wonder_full it is!”
…totally in awe and in love with yourself and creation ;-)

Now here comes the trap – when a person draws conclusions of ill logic.
(like the two unnamed aforementioned)

It kind of goes like this: When *I* made all this, then no one else can have done it. I must be a God then – THE God – the Only One.

While in one way this is a totally logical assumption – it is ill logic and further conlusions drawn from this false goal “to be the Only-One”, lead all the way downhell again.

Only-Ones are lonely ones. They have no peers, no partners, no friends – only minors, minions, servants. They don’t communicate – they give orders – and the worst demand obedience. They never play – they compete. They don’t share – they sell. All for the sake of the “Greater Good” – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Just that in the world of an Only-One there is no greater go(o)d than he himself …

Power is nice to have – keep it, but please don’t let yourself stuck in that xenu valence, don’t fall for the trap. At least not forever ;-)

Plus: Thinking of everyone else little isn’t ethical – it is an invalidation (and generalization). Real big spirits never treat their fellow spirits with disrespect. Why would they? Greatness is made of Greatness ;-)

If you don’t like your fellow gods-in-disguise, back to the basics: TR-0. Grant them a little beingness.


A question, which once arose:
What if I solve Inc-I and the universe vanishes/implodes/explodes?

Oh, this dreadfull scarcity of universes!

Here’s a remedy: Make another universe!
(and invite us all) (okay, not all – just friends;-)

Actually the universe does not fall apart, when one creator pulls his magic sword out of the rock.
The rest of us creators hold it in place. It only gets a little lighter; the universe’s com-lag gets shorter, time seems to move faster – does actually. It is a gradual process. Everyone in it can safely adjust to the new lightness. For those with good spirit perceptions it is clearly noticeable, when one of us takes his and her Excalibur back.

Now that you have your mighty sword – now that you know – now that you’re “god” …

… what next?

bend spoons? levitate ashtrays? blow up implanters? the planet? the universe?

See above, the rest of us are holding creation in place. Some consciously, very lightly – most (still) unconsciously and solidly. You’d have to either bypass all others – or persuade us to agree. How will you bring that about?

You entered the field of “Self in relation to others” – Dynamics 1+n and Games…