Advantage TR-0

There is one major advantage, which TR-0 has – as described in Free Solo Processing, why I prefer it to any other approach.

Processing is done silently, without words.

As I said in “incident-i-solved” all beings are connected with each other via their chakra-system – it’s a kind of energy-matrix. So when you put out words – even when done telepathically in remote solo-sessions – even when addressing something that you believe is only aparent at your own personal meat-body – there is a counterpart – a counterbeing somewhere at the other end of an energy path, who will be addressed simultaneously. All the beings whom you share a piece of time with in any game that you ever were in.

This can be plenty of beings – hundreds, thousands… not “BTs” – PERSONS! They will notice something is going on, while you are in session. But they did not choose to be in session with you. You might be at them while they’re totally unprepared and might not like someone poking around in their (and your) shared case.

At one time someone had me in a session like that. Over three days a guy from overseas kept asking me: “Who are you? What are you?” Obviously he thought I was a “BT” – he had no clue who he was dealing with, while I even got a mental image picture of his face speaking the words of those auditing commands. I played along for two days, played the nice little “BT” and gave (unspoken) the correct answer:”I am me!” (who else could I be?;-) – time after time – man, this guy was serious. It was getting boring. On the third day I (silently) told him: if he’s got no useful questions to ask, to please bugger off – which he did. He gave up. – That was one of those Uberfreezoners with a flock of followers. (not naming names again;-)

If he had not addressed someone familiar with “BT-handling” but an unaware stranger and if he had asked asked case-relevant questions, he might have caused severe restimulation to that person.

Words trigger mental images. Mental images trigger case restimulation.

Ever heard of those OTs gone nuts on NOTS?

When you go and trigger case on a person far below their level of consciousness, they will unconsciously push against it. Guess who’s on the other end of their line. You!

If you want to session people remotely, fine. Just make sure to not force your commands upon them – especially not in a way that they can identify you by your mental image picture. – How stupid is that!

There is another way. At another time I must have caught someone’s attention through a news-group … someone checked me in his or her session – a kind of scan from head to toe – very lightly – I felt totally understood. Like being touched by an angel.
I have a good idea of who the ‘angel’ was – quite sure – but not quite… ;-)

This angel-touch is the effect you’re getting, when you’re just being there, no questions, no pushing, no pulling, no evaluating, just perceiving – TR-0. Active Calmness.

With little imagination one can figure out, that one can remotely cause great disturbance in another being (characters of the dark path do it all the while) or cause great relief – even gather heaps of knowlege, while going undetectable, unidentifiable.

Remember: Static doesn’t emit words, waves, particles or energies…

In the regions (in lack of a better word) beyond Incident-I there is no use of language anyway. Language was invented relatively late on the track. In dissolving the time-track conglomerates languages are dissolved to. Latest first.

So better start working out how spritits navigate through spirit-space… ;-)


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