When preparing a map of yet uncharted territory – programming your case – or what you believe it to be – the Hypercube a is an easy to keep in mind system.

There are a certain number (n) of Ethics Conditions, a certain number of Dynamics and a certain number of Flows. Take these into a multiplication and you get a 3 dimensional grid – a cube. A cubical Bridge so to say.

ETHICS / Foundational Layer

Higher Spirit’s Conditions (Ethics-Clear)

1. Confusion Locating Self in Space/s & Time/s = Where You Are
2. Treason Deciding upon an Existence = That You Are
3. Enemy Self-Defining = Who You Really Are
4. Doubt Goals and Purposes = What You Really Want

Additional Conditions for RealLife-Undertakings

12. Power
11. Power Change
10. Affluence
9. Normal Operation
8. Emergency
7. Danger
6. Non-Existence
5. Liability

The DYNAMICS / Vertical Slices

1. Self. A single, individual Being
2. Male&Female Creator operating as a Couple
3. Groups of Individuals united in a shared purpose
4. A Planetary Population
5. All life forms anywhere including flora and fauna
6. All Things created – including Physical Universes
7. All Spirit
8. Supreme Being, Dreamer dreaming

The FLOWS / Horizontal Slices

Flow 0:
You do or fail to do something to yourself.

Flow 1:
Something happening to yourself or another doing something to you.

Flow 2:
You doing something to another.

Flow 3:
Others doing things to others. You see it happen as a spectator.


How can you use this Hypercube for your processing?

First you would brush the dust off your 1st Dynamic ethics conditions on Flow-0.

Then the next Dynamic up – you in relation to the 2nd Dynamic.
Whether you have an actual Partnership and/or Family running in the ‘now’ and ‘here’, doesn’t matter so much.

What matters is that you clear yourself of considerations, expectations, goals etc, that might be limiting you in a relationship or might be limiting your family members.

So that everything that can be summed up under “can’t have / must have” are no bothering issues.
(can’t be/do/have – must be/do/have – must not be/do/have)

Next, see what you can do on the sector of Groups: Considerations, expectations, goals…

The first step in all this clearing is, that you get your TR-0 in.

Whatever it may be, that you want to address in your processing on any of your dynamics, the most important thing is, that you are able to confront any issue comfortably, so that you really have a free choice and can set priorities.

If you set sails for handling the “big issues”, make sure you start with a relaxed attitude, so that your “quest” does not overwhelm you. “Confront in” first!

Necessary for making logical decisions and working out appropriate and applicable solutions.

Wanting to change anything in the universe that surrounds you is pointless, before you’re able to confront your universe AS it IS.

Then decide, if you’re interested enough in an issue, to do something about it.

When it comes to higher-dynamic stuff, it is clear, that there are countless things that need change and that may be waiting for solutions. The sheer number of issues to solve may seem overwhelming … again, here is confront needed first. Also don’t hesitate to set priorities.

Yes, it is possible for one dedicated being to handle the entire universe alone. But it can take a while; the universe has some com-lag . . . It’s a bit of a drag piercing through a group’s case.

Let’s take the shared group’s case of say the group of Israelis and the group of Palestinians. Just imagine you would have to clear all single individuals involved, one after the other, remotely…

You might want to know of  a more effective way of addressing higher dynamics case and team up with others – which amplifies your impact exponentionally.

Do you? ;-)

(keywords: Matrix-Programming, Concept-Processing and Considerations-Processing)


Article re-written 14th Mar. 2010


2 responses to “Hypercube-Bridge

  1. Dear Astar,

    I spent a few hours reading this website and I can’t make much sense of what you are trying to say. I get the idea that you are playing various mind games with the reader.

    Here and there I think i may be able to understand what you are saying then you jump to another place and loose me.

    You seem to be speaking in ways that you don’t want me to understand. Like from some high altitude.
    You make it sound easy and difficult at the same time.

    The more I read it the more crazy and frustrated I get.

    One moment I feel invalidated and the next moment i feel validated, then the next moment something else which i can’t find a word to describe.

    That is my experience.

    I also can’t make head or tail on this website, Lot’s of misunderstoods, not understoods, confusions, and things I can’t find words to desribe.


  2. LOL – yeah, this one may sound a littly cryptic. Perhaps if I continue this WIP writing in my own language (German) …

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