Freedom Key

Scientology made a number of bold claims on what it is and what it’s application can bring about. So it claims to be the Bridge to Total Freedom, sometimes watered down (or up;-) to Bridge to Total Spritual Freedom, and that it will return to you your original godlike powers – a technique for returning you to 100% cause.

I’m all for it :-)

100% Cause is 100% Responsibility.

100% Cause is also the definition of Ethics!

Full Responsibility is the KEY to Freedom!

Over the course of writing this blog, there have been a number of private feedbacks. One of those backfeeders could not make sense of my emphasis on Ethics and asked me: how man crimes do I commit per day…

Obviously he believed that the Co$’s perverted and misapplied “ethics-of-punishment” must be the real thing, so that whenever you see someone  applying ethics, it must be a hard-core criminal. – Laughable!

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In the Co$ ethics is only done, when something goes majorly wrong with somebody’s spiritual journey.
Fact is: At that point it is too late to worry about where and how of your spiritual path!

Every journey, whether physical or spritual must have a defined starting point! Every journey starts at a definite point “A”, ends at a definite point “B”, and takes several steps along the way.

Spiritual journeys are no different from any other journeys. Like when a Captain of a ship sets sails to yet unknown territories. First he will quietly sit down and work out where exactly his current coordinates in the now known territory is. That is his starting point.

In $cientology this defining part never happens! There is no defining the coordinates of each individual’s starting point. Instead scientologists totally depend on someone else TELLING them where they are, telling them what they’re supposed to do, telling them which direction to take and telling them to keep going, whithout ever telling what the purpose of the journey might be – instead the journey itself has become the purpose. –  Marching blindly from one foggy spot in the nowhere through the fog to foggy neverneverland.

If that is what you really want, don’t let me disturb you. I wont ask twice. You might even become a happy little prisoner along your never ending journey.

Scientologists are like the beaten and confused wife, demanding a ticket from the man on the counter of a train station.
He asks: What can I do for you?
She: Give me a ticket. I want to get AWAY!
He: Okay, where do you want to go to?
She: A better place!

[post incomplete – will be edited]


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