What Matrix?

Yes, yes – as in the Matrix-Movie-Trilogy. Exactly THAT Matrix!

Matrix is sort of the real world’s term for the result of Incident One.

Everybody’s in it – the “prison for your mind”, which few yet managed to get out of. So in order to solve that, you’d have to put on the hat of The Architect. This is in matrix-terms, what I mean when talking of the Creator-Viewpoint.

Architect now gets closer to freemason-terminology. So, is it “bad”? Aren’t “they” always bad? And aren’t “we” always good? You tell! When looking at YOUR creation from the Architect’s viewpoint – is it? – are they? – are we?

The Architect is the one, who operates the Matrix from an exterior position, not subjected to (or victim of) anything going on within. That’s quite the definition of “OT”.

So here we have another attempt of bringing the big concept closer to the seeker/finder (I prefer ‘finder’).

The Matrix Movies were the script writers’ way of telling the story to the folks on the street. The Incident-I story was Hubbard’s way of telling the same story. I’m not saying it ever happened exactly as they told or that it’s the only valuable approach, but each story is a way to make it beyond the veils of supposed reality – by You making yourself the Mastermind, by taking full responsibility for it all – being the Creator.

Only lately – when I typed the exact words of the new-agie’s cluster-think: “We are all One” – I realized, that even they, however sophisticated all of their mind techniques might be – have not yet looked beyond the veil. They are still trapped also.

All new-agie tech deals with stuff inside the Matrix, like most SCN/freezone tech deals with stuff past-Inc-I – up and down the time-track – on and on – round and round – endlessly.

Here’s a secret (not!;-): Inside the Matrix / known Universe/ past-Inc-I space and time is curved – whichever direction you take, you’re running circles – without ever reaching an end. You wont ever reach the end of the socalled bridge through examining circular time-tracks – however thoroughly. Yes, there is much to re(dis)cover and it’s all very interesting and so good for the ego to have such an impressing time-track – and so many important lifetimes to wear like a badge of honour – and you can become a successful happy little feelgood thetan – and still be trapped in the “prison for your mind”. – Unless you step away from the curved track and willingly connect with static-you.

You know it already:  Static has no ‘time’…  – at least not attached to his butt.


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  1. Good !

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