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wHere U R

Please read article Higher Lower Conditions before. Thank you!

Finding out where You are.

This works best when written down – pen and paper. Done by yourself, for yourself.

In Inc-I Solved I laid out, that a being can be split into pieces by driving his attention away. This practical is not about locating your meat-body. I trust you know where you keep it.

The focus is on mapping out, where your attention units might be. In the Now they are usually spread along your dynamics – and as long as you believe a time-track is attached to you – there’s an amount of attention scattered along Times, maybe spaces and off-world places.

Another aspect of locating oneself is “in relation to others” – spirit wise. Where do you see yourself in the spiritual hierarchies? – just in case you believe there is such a thing.

In writing this down let yourself be guided by what you believe to be real, by what you are interested in and by what you feel needs to be addressed:

– Times on linear tracks
– Places and spaces where you spent lifetimes / played games
– Your Dynamics (concentric spheres)
– Hierarchical positioning

If you like, assign percentages to each location. How many percents of your attention is where/when?

Take only the stuff that’s presenting itself on the surface, the stuff that you are aware of in the moment. No digging, no poking around, no torturing of your brain. So things can slowly surface – and they will – when you’re ready. This is a very safe way of dealing with your case.

This process can be done by anyone anytime.


Higher Lower Conditions

In SCN-Ethics you learned, that there are such things as higher Ethics Conditions and lower Ethics Conditions. This implies, that if your performance in the big game is at least average, you’ll never have to do “lower conditions”.

The lowest three are: Confusion, Treason, Enemy.

That’s not you, right?! So why care doing what only applies to those, who have real failures on their record?

Please don’t let yourself be mislead by the name tags, that were given to these conditions. These are just labels and there’s a real treasure hidden. Let’s take a closer look…

The Confusion Formula says: Find out WHERE you are.
By applying it, you will have identified your exact location(s)/coordinate(s) in space(s) and time(s).

The Treason Formula says: Find out, THAT you are.
In doing so you’ll be aware of being an individual spirit being, with its own unique characteristics.

Then comes the Enemy Formula, which says: Find out WHO you really are.
Here your focus is on spotting how BEing You is playing out in playing the games you’re taking part in. – or not ;-)
This is often misunderstood as “Identities” – but that’s a whole nother story – worth a seperate article perhaps.

So far this isn’t any news. But don’t these formulas remind you of something? Something “higher”. THE highest in fact?

Remember what was said, how you dropped out of native state – out of the divine state – and ended up/down as an individiual spirit being?

Divine = divi_ne = divide(d) not = undivided
Individual = in_divide_able <AND/OR> in divi dual = separated in two

We have undivided divinity, dreamer dreaming in native state, who wishes to experience Self as someone.

So (in lack of suitable terms) “he” or “she” decides upon a location in space – this is not yet physical space but spirit space, a higher harmonic sotosay – decides to *be* some One – and decides upon a function in a game.

Yet he has not created a game of is own, but being “the Experiencer of Division” is the immediate game, that contains all decisions made so far:
here (now) – there (before)
Self (manifest)  – (unmanifest) All
Experiencer – Dreamer

Locations / Times + BEing + Who (expressed through doingness)

You see, these actions, which are falsely perceived and clearly mislabeled as “only-for-downstats” – are in truth, the exact steps you undertook, when you were in your original state with full potentials, to enter the big games.

So in order to draw a straight line and make a connection across a seeming “gap” between here+now to there+then, go by the rule: Whatever took you in, will take you out.

re_define / re_create yourself here and now

These steps can be done by any person at any time. All those people, who keep wondering: Who am I? Where am I going? What is life about? What do I want? What is my life’s purpose? Does anyone have a life’s purpose at all?

These simple steps can clear matters for the seeking ones remarkably – and in fact produce veritable Clears.

See the section Practicals (HOME-button, then scroll a bit)


*OUPS!* – In the heat of everything I forgot to credit the One, who is responsible for the realization, that “lower” conditions ARE HIGHER Conditions – and the (strange) fact, that the Co$’s line-up of conditions is UP-side-down!


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