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Finding out where You are.

This works best when written down – pen and paper. Done by yourself, for yourself.

In Inc-I Solved I laid out, that a being can be split into pieces by driving his attention away. This practical is not about locating your meat-body. I trust you know where you keep it.

The focus is on mapping out, where your attention units might be. In the Now they are usually spread along your dynamics – and as long as you believe a time-track is attached to you – there’s an amount of attention scattered along Times, maybe spaces and off-world places.

Another aspect of locating oneself is “in relation to others” – spirit wise. Where do you see yourself in the spiritual hierarchies? – just in case you believe there is such a thing.

In writing this down let yourself be guided by what you believe to be real, by what you are interested in and by what you feel needs to be addressed:

– Times on linear tracks
– Places and spaces where you spent lifetimes / played games
– Your Dynamics (concentric spheres)
– Hierarchical positioning

If you like, assign percentages to each location. How many percents of your attention is where/when?

Take only the stuff that’s presenting itself on the surface, the stuff that you are aware of in the moment. No digging, no poking around, no torturing of your brain. So things can slowly surface – and they will – when you’re ready. This is a very safe way of dealing with your case.

This process can be done by anyone anytime.


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