Ethics-Engramm: Catch22

In Case Ethics has been forced upon you as a punishment or as an unnecessary and inappropriate action, while in the CoS, you may have acquired a veritable Ethics-Engramm.

Understandably you may not want to have anything to do with Ethics, now that you’re happily *out*.

BUT. . .

In avoiding the subject of Ethics you’re pulling the carpet from right under your feet.

So, here is a quick Remedy:

Definition per Wikipedia:

“Ethics may be defined as the actions an individual takes on himself to ensure his continued survival across the dynamics. It is a personal thing. When one is ethical, it is something he does himself by his own choice.”

Where was your own choice? – When?

Exactly! – I know ;-)

But we’re not getting anywhere, by agreeing “THEY forced their misapplied ethics onto you”. That’s ‘blame’.

Ethics is – like the Code of Honor – a very personal, individual, 1st Dynamic thing, which means it’s your decision – and your’s alone! – whether or not you follow it.

Let’s combine these two 1st Dynamic things.

Key Concepts:

Never disparage yourself nor minimize your strength or power.

Never need praise, approval or sympathy. Create your own Tone-Level.

Never compromise with your own truth. True is what is true for YOU.

Never permit your affinity to be alloyed. Love and Like whoever YOU want!

Never need a future or a past for your game.

Be able to be, do, have, cause and know all YOU want.

Never give or receive ANYthing unless you yourself desire it.

Never fear to shake a comrades TA in an urgent case.

Never desire to be liked or admired.

Be your own advisor, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.

Were you ever encouraged or forced to violate any of the above points?
(by CoS-“authorities”? – anyone else? elswehere? elsewhen?)

If so, that is in essence an overt commited at yourself (Flow-0). Fortunately this is easily repaired. Re-claim responsibility for yourself. Find those times where you agreed to sacrifice your ideals and integrity and adopted concepts, that weren’t your reality.

Done in the form of O/W-write-ups + earlier similar – running events in chains.

…until EP.

Something else, that might be interesting looking at:

Times of agreeing to neglect physical needs of your body.
(btw: Body is 5th and 6th Dynamic – not 1st!)

For your future you might want to keep
in mind the Code of a Loyal Officer:

To honor one’s integrity above all else.



One response to “Ethics-Engramm: Catch22

  1. When I read the treason condition to my husband he had continuous Long-Fall-Blowdowns with grief release too. We both read further.

    My personal revelation was putting together the datum I have about all Flows being apparencies except Flow 0 and the datum: Before the beginning was the Cause and the sole purpose of the Cause was the creation of an effect [on himself, all other flows being apparencies].
    I am running a Clearing chain so this fits in with the cognitions I have been gettng while running this chain all the way bac to Basic-Basic pre-individuation.

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