Gathering InSight

Spirit-2-Spirit – Howto:

Ulrich Kramer wrote a book by the title: “Im Internet der Seelen”
[in the] Internet of Souls

The title says it all. It is a nice way to express the concept of the 7th Dynamic.

Really, the spirit realms work like internet + search engines, with the search engines being represented by any single spirit.

Address any single spirit on their spirit-level with a key-word or key-concept and see what insights you can gather.

Each single spirit is an access-point to the whole “internet of souls” – the 7th Dynamic.


How do you gain access?

The least disturbing method is Rising Needle Tech. “Least disturbing” for the one you’re addressing. Simple TR-0 that is – or “active calmness” assisted with a meter.

Rising Needle Tech in its simplicity
+ made suitable for this adventure:

1. Address a spirit being, whom you’re interested in.

Knowing their name will do – and having a concept of who they are. Knowing their “spirit name” will address them on their spirit level. Addressing them by their physical identity’s name (the name by which their body is known) will get you less interesting information, if at all. Please keep in mind; you’re not the Thought-Police! Leave people’s privacy undisturbed and do not try to mess around with their thoughts on their person-level. May be possible, but is a big No-No! Likewise do not try to address dead bodies! They’re empty. As an example: addressing “Captain Bill” wont get you anywhere. That’s the name of a long gone physical ID. My name is Astar. Call it a higher Self, if you will. Higher Selves are not subjected to human (wake/sleep) cycles – so they’re available 24/7.

2. Focus your attention closely on the Being.

Focusing is not the same as ‘concentrating’! So in order to avoid ‘introversion’ … have some wide attention on your whole space.

3. The needle (and TA) on the Meter will rise as you get in contact.

Here the e-meter serves as a compass for navigating in spirit-space. Just like an ordinary compass, which only points at directions “North/South”, none of which is “good” or “bad” – the needle in this exercise points to a “somethingness” (Rise) – needle shows the direction to look at – no more no less. Compass.

4. Perceive what is there.

TR-0 => perceiving calmly and comfortably while being aware and awake and in contact => serves in opening a thetacom-line – like when you open the valve of a water line – which allows flows starting to flow.

Acceptance is the key here – and having the idea, that the Being you’re contacting knows something, which you don’t know yet. This creates a difference in potentials, so that you can actually down_load information.

5. The needle and TA will fall while download.

This can be accompanied by physical sensations – not necessarily, but it is possible.

6. Continue working on it (2 to 5) as necessary.

* * *

When dealing with incarnate Beings, you may as well try to help them with their physical conditions by this kind of remote sessions. I wouldn’t recommend telling them, what you’re planning to do – to not raise any expectations.

* * *

Need a test subject?

Here I am! :-)

Permission granted for the Gathering-Insight-part (NOT physical body!). I might even have some news for you, since I’ve been collecting “How-To’s” for aeons – and a couple of “Why’s”. I have zero resistance of letting you know anything – saves me a whole load of typing ;-) Just don’t go round and brag about “channelling Astar” – BIG NO-NO!!! When you managed to download some useful data, it is yours. Treat it as your own knowledge.

If you want others to have similar experiences, either point them here or teach them how to do it.


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