That You Are

In CoS-Ethics the formula for the Treason-Condition is just one short sentence: Find out, THAT you are!

Perhaps you’ve been wondering, what it might be, that is so spectacular about this formula, or why it should be helpful to “find out” something, which is only too obvious: You are! Were you ever in doubt about this fact? I guess not. You are reading this, you are doing what you are doing, you’re observing, having ideas and dreams and you’re causing effects. All this is evidence enough, that you are a being, who actually exISts.

Maybe a shift in emphasis will bring more clarity.

As indicated in Resolving the Ethics-Engramm you may have been convinced, that your dreams, needs and realities etc were less important than those of the 3rd Dynamic or that the “greater good” is more important than your own good (or any other wording, that is closer to your experience).

Looking at your dynamics as concentric circles or concentric spheres it is obvious, that you are the center of your dynamics. Without you, there are no “your dynamics”. This has nothing to do with egocentricity – it is simply logical.

How “valuable” can a being be, who’s been
made to compromise his own integrity?

What about the integrity of a group, that largely
consists of members with broken integrities?

You yourself are the center, the core, the heart of your dynamics – your universe.

Essentially your dynamics are YOU!

The first dynamic is not numbered FIRST for nothing ;-)

In order to avoid ever being sucked into treason-to-yourself, be good to yourself, love yourself and take good care of your integrity.

Not only find out, THAT you are.

Consciously decide, that YOU are!


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