Who You Really Are

Finding out who you really are…

again: You’re doing this for yourself, just the way Ethics was intended – a 1st Dynamic Action.

So this one is real fun to work out.

It is not so much about “seeking and finding” something that was predetermined by whomever. Who could that be anyway? God? The (ex)”Church”? Members of your group – like in a popularity contest? – or what “they” need and want? – Nope! None of this – as it is clearly other-determinism.

Always see yourself as a fully self-determined being.

Now, who are you?

A scientologist, freezoner, loyal officer, player, a son, a daughter, mother, father, seeker, warrior, worker, thinker? Anything else? – Clearly these are just labels! Names of roles of the WHAT-category. These have nothing to do with WHO you are.

Your WHO-ness is determined by what you actually DO – as in the old:
“By thy deeds thy shall be known.”

Working out who you REALLY are and doing a formal write-up, thus determining and (re)defining yourself – is done by covering all the doings you are doing. Also cover your liking and disliking – and the areas of your activities.

May sound oddish – but sentences of your write-up should start with:…

I am the being, WHO…
I am the one WHO…

– loves to play / do / go to / create __________________.
– doesn’t like to _________________________________.
– tries to avoid __________________________________.
– collects ______________________________________.
– is aware of ___________________________________.
– is fearful of ___________________________________.
– wants to achieve / know_________________________.

These were just a few examples – include whatever comes to mind.

…until a realization or cognition occurs.

Should you ever sail in stormy waters, you may be the only friend you have and the only one left to trust.

Therefor KNOW Yourself!

KNOW who You REALLY are!

PS: Have you ever had dealings with new-agies and noticed how many of them desperately seek their “life’s purpose” and/or someone who can reveal or give it to them? – This little exercise fits hand in glove. Saves them a heap of dosh and a lot of guru-hopping.


2 responses to “Who You Really Are

  1. This web site is beautiful.

    I wish I could offer you an award for color and design.

    Your information on certain things is very up to date.


  2. :) Very glad to see You. Astar. Very interesting writings.
    I appreciate Your blog.

    Heroes never Die, by CBR ;-)

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