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Magic Triangle

The Third Magic Tool:

The Universal Solvent


This ARC-Triangle works just the way, that ARC-Triangles work. Simply raise one corner and you gradually get the other two up. Start at any corner you like.

If your universe seems like a chaotic mess, raise your confront, so you can face it better and make wiser decisions.

If there seem to be too many unacceptable beings and circumstances in your space, change your considerations about them. ReConsider and change your Reality. Considerations over mechanics.

If all else seems to be too steep a gradient, just admire the mess . Admire all the chaos, that the beings in your space are causing. Admire yourself, that you made it so far without going insane.

Just silently admire. The more you do, the more you will notice patterns in the chaos. Patterns indicate a sort of order. When a pattern becomes visible and the confusion lightens up, then is your time to step in and take action.

Chaos-Theory studies the hidden order contained in chaotic systems. The scientists are mostly mathematicians, who often try to catch the chaotic patterns in complex mathematical formulas. Many of them wrote graphical applications, which display the outcome of those formulas as very aesthetical pictures – Fractals.

The Admiral’s Triangle above IS a Fractal ;-)

With this triangle you can literally
transform spiritual plumb into gold.

Alchemy of the Mind ;-)


Yeah – what is an admiral?

say three times very fast:

“admire all, admire all, admire all”

See, this is an admiral ;-)

Are You?


If you would like to explore fractal aesthetics for yourself,
here are three intuitively to use Free Fractal Applications:

Oh, by the way:

God is a MatheMagician


Total Freedom Expanded


Four Flows of Freedom


Grant Total Freedom to Yourself.


Have an other grant Total Freedom to you.


Grant Total Freedom to another.


Have others grant Total Freedom to each other.


Can you imagine?
Imagine This!



Claim Total Freedom for Yourself.
Grant Total Freedom to Yourself.

Grant Total Freedom to another.
Have another grant Total Freedom to you.

Encourage someone to grant Total Freedom to himself / herself.
Encourage someone to grant Total Freedom to another.

Encourage others to grant Total Freedom to themselves.
Encourage others to grant Total Freedom to an other.

Encourage others to grant Total Freedom to each other

Encourage your group to grant Total Freedom to another group.
Have another group grant Total Freedom to your group.

Run repetitively.

Run alternately on “deserving” and “undeserving” beings.

The latter is the interesting part of the process ;-)

First the needle rises, then it goes down.

From now on address any being you might encounter as a Free Being.


Cautions: What cautions?

Perhaps wordclear “total” and “freedom” ;-)

Be free all, be strong and stay alert!


Condition-Assignment: Your Universe

To whom it may concern:

Freezoners / Independent Scientologists


You perceive your universe to contain
dangerous elements, factors and Beings

Assign the Condition DANGER to Your Universe!

Apply the Danger-Formula


Condition-Assignment: You

To whom it may concern:

Freezoners / Independent Scientologists


You perceive your universe to have been in
a dangerous condition just a little too long…

well, you do the math ;-)

Assign the correct Condition to the OWNER of Your Universe!


anyone forgotten That You are ?

anyone forgotten to determine What You really Want ?


Eternal Games

Any game, which involves an eternal vow – any game, that curves back into itself in an unescapable circle – any game, which ends in eternity is an illegal game.

Games which involve a forever-commitment violate the Rights of a Thetan!

Thetans may leave any game any time they want, per self-determinism.


The CofS’s Sea Org. Their contract involves a forever-commitment
and their giving away most of their human rights.

Laws of human society prohibit this. There is no legal way to voluntarily commit yourself to lifelong slavery under the thumb of a slaveholder.

Human Rights are inalienable rights.

Same goes for the “loyal-officer / galactic patrol game”.
An “eternal volunteer” is a being, who can never leave
the game, he or she is no more and no less than a slave.

Thetan Rights are inalienable rights.

All these eternal “contracts” were nullified in 2003:
All members of the Galactic Patrol were relieved from their posts. The ones you see online, waving their banner so loudly are mere wannabes, playing for selfimportance – not knowing what the real game is.

These new wannabes and the “old” ones are free to make an application in PT or reapply in a new unit of time, provided they overcome their ego-issues.

One of the remaining few true GPers, who
are not playing for status or credentials,
picked up the concept and released a
visible announcement to the Sea Org –
a lower harmonic of the Galactic Patrol.
archived here

Since then they’re leaving in droves ;-)

Sure – none of them read this announcement. This is a true example of an OT-action. Getting things done by pure intention.


A game that folds back into itself – like this  pandeterminator, who pulls a blanket over the freedom of the beings in his sphere, and then “frees” the beings. PEEKABOO! – In admin-terms it’s plain Dev-T. What is it technically? – Narcism? – Stupidity? – or downright evil?

Expired Words

The written word can turn into a curse, if a book contains an author’s views of some state of affairs, that were once his or her reality and at a later time he or she gains different insights, changes his/her views – but had lost his/her body in the meantime to write another book which then portraits his/her then-current views of things.

Books tend to develop a self-perpetuating dynamic. People read them, sometimes believing their (the book’s) contents, forming mental images in their minds and so  creating a shared reality of their own – independently of whatever the author (without his expired physical vehicle) might think of his own past writings in present time.

Through agreement the readership re-creates and perpetuates expired views. :-(

Sector-9 Book
and adjacent writings contain all sorts of this stuff.

All content once related to
a Who, Where, What, When
is hereby declared *expired*.

All content NOT related to *)
a Who, Where, What, When
is open to review by anyone.

*) meaning “How-To”s and “Why”s


All views I might express here and from now on will expire, if not known or stated otherwise – at the latest, when this human vehicle has reached the average lifetime-span – around the year 2055.


So! Most of the Freezone-Decree is History!

Some friendly being brought the issue to the table lately.

[excerpt from round-table-decision]

>> do you think, the freezon-decree should be cancelled?

>> many beings strongly believe in it,
>> and i suspect their thoughtforms
>> created a barrier, so the freezone became a prison in itself,
>> so that visitors from elsewhere
>> can not enter earth-space – no bad guys and no good guys.
>> that’s a little boring methinks ;-)

> I like the part where it is forbidden to use a nuclear and chemical
> weapons.


> But, i do not like the part where aliens (thetans)
> cannot play, go in or go out.
> If the implanters have bases everywhere on this planet,
> why not then should we welcome various players
> from elsewhere from the universe?

agreed too

[end quote]

Since I utterly failed to have someone grow me a clone of my previous human vehicle in a test-tube, which I could make myself recognizable by – and didn’t bother to collect a pile of worthless certificates to prove my credibility, importance and supposed status … erm – NOT! It’s all Bovine Excremen!

mest, status, certs, ego

It is time for round-table-decisions and round-table-creations.

I’m glad and thankful someone picked up the concept!


Ever heard of Considerations-Processing? Sure you have ;-)

It is so effective, someone even made the process into a new religion – a new Tyrantology. Fully equipped with Super-secret rundowns for the chosen ones, rigid hierarchy, a new eternal oath, the demand for total obedience, adherents dependent on the whims of their superior, Ego-supreme *oups!* God-certificates, enemies and degraded beings everywhere outside the boundaries of their little bubble, SP-declares, shunning, threats and punishment.

All the successful actions, that made the CoS what it is today. ;-)

Yes, the emperor’s got new clothes! – Oh, and isn’t it a pretty sight!

No objections to the tech itself though – just that even their highest ranks repeatedly demonstrated, their inability to apply the tech onto themselves.

Just recently i had another encounter with one of their Pandeterminators – erm…’gods’ of course. He knocked on my virtual door (e-mailbox), introducing himself as an old buddy from the galactic patrol. His spirit-name did ring a bell…

Over the course of 3 e-mails each to and fro – he dropped a few octaves in tone, tossed up two hands full of allegations – one handful completely contradicting his other handfull – and went further to very pandeterminedly determine, that i’m totally unfree.

example assertions:
He creates his dynamics and is responsible for them. – [okay…]
His [longtime] game is “to free beings”. – [hmmm…]

I asked, why he creates his dynamics in a condition,
that makes it necessary to free them half an eternity?

He refused to answer. Kind of Game-Over-Situation ;-)

Not to mention (i just did;-) his gloating on the other Longtimers playing that freeing-beings-game, who are soooo “OT” – Old and Tired <= his definition.

WOW! Freeing Beings is soooo different from Freeing Beings!

Koan of the day: What’s the difference between one Easter-Egg?

…back to my supposed “total unfreedom”

His consideration – not mine!

I said:
Okay, let’s play your game. Free me!

I would come to his place, put a pile of dosh on the table, hold the cans of his god-detect-o-meter and jump through all his verbal hoops until he gains certainty that it is safe to take his “considerations of total unfreedom” off of me.

No reply again.

Game Over!


Considerations-processing in it’s simplicity:

Stop – Change – Start

When you find a consideration, which bothers you, just stop creating that consideration in PT. To stop it, it may be helpful to first imagine a whole dramatisation – just imagine – the whole thing from top to bottom – in all it’s consequences with all the juicy details in technicolor – feel all the feelings that come along with it – until it is fully confronted. If done on a meter, it’ll indicate when you’re through.

First the needle rises, then it goes down. Quite the usual procedure ;-)

Change has occured!

If you want a new consideration, which is more supportive than the old one, invent one  – make one up and slip it into the empty slot, where you just erazed the old one.

Start playing your (old) game with your new level of confidence.