Free Solo Processing For Beginners

Re: A Thread on ESMB

Since there was interest expressed, here comes:

Free Solo Processing for Beginners

This is a story from just recently

Someone on a mailing list asked for contacts in his area.
He had met with the local freezoners, but somehow their
group didn’t appeal to him – so there were not many more

We agreed to meet soon. I asked if he owns a meter, which
he does, and I asked to bring it with him, which he did.

After chatting for a while I asked if now he would like to see
how the meter works. He agreed, unpacked his meter, he knew
where to plug the plugs and how to connect solo-cans, but had
questions about ToneArm and Sensitivity. I explained … merely
filling some minor gaps.

This was a technical guy, he wondered why the needle would go
to the left, when resistance is high, while on a normal Ohm-meter,
the “high” numbers are on the right side of the scale…

I explained that in truth, the meter meassures “indirectly” by sending
a tiny current through the body, and when the body’s resistance goes
up, the current is reduced, so that the needle (accordingly) moves to
the left.

The meter meassures
how much of the tiny current actually makes it through the body:

Low resistance => more current = right side = Fall
High resistance => less current = left side = Rise

In the meantime I had my meter set up on the table, next to his.
We both sat side by side, so that both could watch both meters.

We crossed cables.

He held the solo-cans of my meter.
I held the solo-cans of his meter.

I asked him to “catch my needle” – keep it on “Set” by operating the TA.

We continued chatting, while holding
each other’s cans, adjusting the TAs.

Very relaxed talk, with all the elements that might occur in a session:
Body movement, feet shuffling, crossing and uncrossing legs, deep
breathing, deep exhaling, laughing, getting excited about a subject…
Out of sheer curiosity we even smoked a cigarette each … utterly
and completely demystifying the “sacred religious instrument” ;-)

All this took no more than 30 minutes.
Clarifying matters 5-10min
Practising to keep the needle on “Set” 20-25min.

When it was clear he could operate
the TA without overcompensating,
we crossed cables back again.

He held his own solo-cans.
I held mine – just for the fun of it.

Then I asked if he knew what the
big bad mysterious OT-secret was…

(while asking I pulled a funny face, rolling eyes and so, indicating:
Think of it whatever you may – we’re not making judgements…)

“Yeah, volcanoes, bombs, everyone blown up…”  <= his reply

“Okay – then you know ;-) Good! – This is what OTs mainly deal with in their sessions. The story goes, that these blown-up beings now stick to our human bodies, where they cause us unwanted emotions and sensations, influence our thoughts and in short are the sole cause of all evil in the world…”

Now HE pulled a face … a WTF-face. We laughed.

Yap, this is how the story goes – many people believe it. True or not – who knows(?). But one thing is certain: Human bodies can have – and many do have – various unwanted sensations and emotions.

I asked him, if there were any sensations on his body he would classify as “unwanted” or “should not be there”.

Something with his spine, that bothered him on and off.

I asked to focus his attention on the area/spot. He did, the needle went up.
He readjusted his TA…

what next…? – moar data…!

I asked what he calls that area, when he thinks of it.
He named it.

“Say ‘Hello’ to your [name of area/spot]”
“Let your [name of area/spot] say ‘OK’ to you”

(needle movement)

If [name of area/spot] had a colour, what would it be?
He indicated a colour.

If [name of area/spot] had an emotion, which would it be.

“ANGER!” – he recognized the anger,
that his boss at work often displayed.

We continued with “Hello & Okay” until…

“Now THAT! THAT was a Longfall Blowdown, wasn’t it??!!!”

Yes! Very Good! Very Well Done! :-)))

He had reduced that sensation to a minimum, he said wouldn’t bother him.
Fair enough. We ended session.

We said good-bye soon after, as next day was a (working) monday, agreeing to stay in contact and hear from each other soon. – No news the whole week. At the next weekend I couldn’t hold it any longer, rang him up to ask, if everything went okay after the session or if anything else . . . .

“Oh no! Everything is fine. I had a super week” – cheerful.

No trouble with the spine, no worries how his boss might approach him, no anger in himself.

When introducing an interested person, to this biofeedback method; and that person has never heard of the big bad copyrighted secret, you would simply skip discussing dead space aliens.  In the case above the unwanted sensation was linked to a very real living person and could be solved as that.


7 responses to “Free Solo Processing For Beginners

  1. Interesting topic.

    Although i do believe in various space opera stories, aliens, implanters, etc.

    I really can not imagine that in our bodies exists BTs –
    which can communicate to us, and we to them.

    It is not problem to believe, but i cannot percevie (comprehed)
    how can they communicate, what sort is that communication?
    it is hard to concentrate on them? how do they respond?
    How to be sure that that is a BTs and not my own “imagination”?.


  2. > I really can not imagine that in our bodies exists BTs –
    > which can communicate to us, and we to them.

    The above session was NOT a “BT”-handling!

    It is a regular standard process/assist called “Hello&Okay”,
    designed to solve trouble with body parts.

    > How to be sure that that is a BTs and not my own “imagination”?.

    Much of this blog is about this question, and there is more to come…

  3. :)) Thank you for clarifying this to me.

    So it is “Hello&Okay” process.


  4. hello Asthar

    Great site You have….

    My Question is:

    Do You Know TROM ?
    Have You worked with it ?



  5. Thanks!

    > Do You Know TROM ?

    I do.

    > Have You worked with it ?

    I have looked into it but didn’t use it.

    TROM requires the applicant to be familiar with many of the words and procedures of Scientology. So it doesn’t work for “new” people. You would have to teach them SCN first, before they can make wins with TROM. – It is too complex for the tasks ahead.

    Beginners need a tech, by which they can have wins from the start on.

  6. Strubbl, aka Andrea Albrecht

    What is “BT”?

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