Miraculous Powers?

Here’s a quickie – I followed a link…

This one!

The accompanying text in the mail
(where the link was forwarded)
New Saviour? New Jesus Christ? New God?

The description for his DVDs says: he “gazes”…

…meaning he looks at the people in his audience.

Wait a minute … that’s it? – Nothing else?

He does nothing and all troubles of his audience are gone?

Even physical conditions gone? – *poof* – gone? – Just so?


He does NOT do NOTHING!

He CONFRONTS his audience – totally and completely.

TR-0 at it’s best!


Whatever it is, that his audience
might have on their minds
he takes it like a sponge
of infinite capacity and
lets it run through himself.

So he takes something from them.

What is he giving them in return?

What is it, that he’s flowing out, radiating?

ADMIRATION! – The Universal Solvent.

He is an ADMIRE ALL! :-)

Nonjudgemental Acceptance
Unconditional Admiration
Godlike Powers

Remember, You are all “Gods” in Training.

YOU CAN do this TOO!

Thank You


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