What You Really Want

Here’s another suggestion for selfclearing or clarifying your true aims and real goals and motivations. Instead of a “False Purpose Rundown” here is a kind of “True Purpose Rundown”.

In order to get the old stuff out of your mind and to make space for new stuff, I recommend write-up style again.

What is it, that You REALLY WANT?

What are Your TRUE Purposes?

Please don’t insult your own intelligence by retelling empty phrases like: I want to help others. I want a better game. I want a better life. I want to be free. I want to know…

We ALL want that, don’t we? ;-)

and if WE ALL want something, this is a very good indicator, that we’re dealing with artificial goals and purposes – acquired through conditioning (aka implanting) – either in a former lifetime, in another dimension or between picking up bodies  (between lives) or anywhere anywhen … In today’s society the mainstream media and advertising are the main source of conditioning, in order to keep old artificial goals active and sneak new ones in.

Additionally there are underground / independent movements issueing their own kind of codes, telleing you what to be, do and have in order to not be mainstream – to be different.

So – artificial goals grab you from both sides ;-)

The purpose of this practical is not that you rid yourself of goals you might hold dear but to clarify for yourself WHY you WANT WHAT you want.

If someone does not revisit and re-evaluate the goals they already have, in a now unit of time, these goals might continue as an automaticy – a compulsion, which tends to ruin a person.

Goals that involve others or a “comparative” require special attention!

Let’s take “to help” for example.

Helping is a noble cause – no doubt. If a helper never specified how far his help should go and never made clear where his personal boundaries are, he might end up with a helper-syndrome, ruining himself.

Technically speaking, this is a lower condition, enemy-to-self or treason-to-self.

Further – if “to help” is running on a wrong WHY, the helper might not ever get the acknowlegement, that he is after. Helping becomes an endless task, a never-ending chase for the rainbow’s end.

If a person is helping, while secretly hoping somebody might notice his efforts, step up to him, pat him on the shoulder and say: “You are doing so good. I am very proud of you!” . . . then this person has a slight ego-issue in the mix.

Remember: Never need praise or approval!

Know what you want and why!

A goal goes nowhere, if the WHY and/or WHAT FOR is missing.

I for example wanted “to know” – actually “to know everything”.

How do you achieve that? Go to university and study every subject on the menu? Not possible! This would consume several human life-spans. And even if it was possible to study every subject of every university in the world – what then? – Nothing then! – I had not specified what for I wanted the knowledge, what I wanted to do with it, what to cause, whom to help, where to contribute. Thus, nothing happened. Not very satisfying ;-)

Later – after scientology™ – I was more specific; I wanted all the knowledge “to free all beings” and “to save the universe” – and if no one else did it, I’d do it alone. No idea how long that would take – I’d estimated several hundred years.
Therefore I wanted to know:
– how to preserve memories between life-spans, if one body wasn’t enough time
– how to make a body live healthy for several hundred years
– how to get to “OT” at lightspeed
Plus I needed a supereffective, superfast tech

A whole list, one step building up on the other.
NOW things gained momentum. Things were rushing so fast, information storming in, that I wondered who was causing all that. It was like some “higher force” spun an Ariadne thread through the maze, showed the way, so that I could check off point after point on my to-do list. Yap! – Even THAT one! – (what was I thinking of? ;-)

Okay then – be specific with your goals. Give them your own genuine meaning.

I asked some friends, who are doing the local freezoners’ bridge, what their intentions with the tech are. Their answer: “to move up the bridge” – not very specific, maybe my asking wasn’t specific enough. – What then might be the goal of their moving-up-the-bridge? – “to become OT” – wrong question again? – What are their plans, when they have their OT-powers, what good will they cause with it? – “we will decide when we are there, we will see then…”

Yeah – maybe they will… or maybe they will be “moving up the bridge” for the rest of this life-span.

No goal – no end.

I hope to have illustrated sufficiently the usefulness of re-evaluating and if necessary re-adjusting your goals from time to time.

All the best for your ENDeavours! ;-)



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  1. Very good written, :) good cognition (for me).

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