Trouble with Noble Causes

Beings living in communities and societies, help each other. Wanting to help, to be usefull and of service to others, to make another’s life easier, to care for and reduce another one’s pain or suffering, is only natural and sane.

In what you really want I pointed at some difficulties a being might run into, when s/he is going for goals and purposes, which involve other beings or ‘comparatives’.

The wish “to be good” or the “to be better” is nice – a “noble cause”…

BUT: You would always have to keep the mental image – the Concept –  of “bad” and “worse” in your mind, so that you can compare yourself and your actions with “bad” and “worse” people and actions.

Hereby you create an attachment. There always needs to be “bad” and “worse” beings in your space, so that by seeing the difference between you and “them”, you can reassure yourself, how “good” or how much “better” you are. Comparing yourself to “them, those others over there”, who are not like you.

This is even double-binding – by keeping “them” at a distance – you still cannot escape the “bad guys”, because you draw reassurance and certainty of your own “goodness” out of constant comparison.

In SCN-terms this forms a GPM (a Goals-Problems-Mass) – result of an unflat “OT-2” – having failed to fully handle “dichotomies” (opposing pairs of artificial goals).

These opposing pairs really are tightly knit together – inseperably.

Unless you transcend the concept of “good/bad” and let go of it – detach and lift yourself beyond it.

Like a martial arts master, who never wastes a single thought on “am I good or am I bad? Am I better, because I have skills others do not have? Are those others lower creatures, because they cannot do the things I can do?”

A martial artist can defend himself against physical attacks – that is “good”. His skills are so advanced, he can even kill another person without effort. But killing is “bad”. Now – is the martial artist a “good” person or a “bad” person? – a “white hat” or a “black hat”?

What are You? – and why would you bother?

* * *

More Trouble with More Noble Causers

Ever heard of the fire-fighter, who set fire to the neighborhood, so that he and his mates had to come for rescue and put out the fire?

His noble cause is “to rescue”.

Just where is the bug in his game?


Ever heard of the conspiracy theory, that the pharmaceutical industries, are secretly releasing deadly viruses, so that they can sell more medicine?

Their noble cause is “to cure”.

Where is the bug in their game?


Ever ran into the professional new-agie awakener, surrounded by sheeple and sleeple … never getting past step A (awakening) … never reaching the second stage, step B ?

Their noble cause is “to awaken”.

What underlying consideration motivates them?


Where is the logical twist in wanting to cause noble deeds on others?

to help – requires victims
to teach – requires ignorants
to heal – requires disease
to cure – requires sickness
to protect – requires danger
to fight – requires enemies
to free – requires slaves
. . .

. . .

Provided YOU have embraced the concept of
Total Responsibility for your universe,
WHO is the causing the trouble?
and how?


[added 5.sep’10]
Unsolved Paradox?
If someone set out to “fight” dead hubbard and to “free” scientologists from scientology, wouldn’t he or she have to actively keep both entities “alive” in his/her present time Universe? – and thus create a Catch 22?


2 responses to “Trouble with Noble Causes

  1. Tricky one (post). :)

    But good for pondering.

    Like, doing a pan-determinism would solve it.

  2. What a cognition… I got it. Thanks for the info… very good quality.

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