Freeing versus Freedom

Imagine this:

You’re visiting a city, walk around the place for hours, seeing sights, parks and museums, enjoying all sorts of new impressions. At some coffee-stand you treat yourself with a take-away-cup and sit down somewhere in a pedestrians area. You finish the coffee and continue to sit for a while, the empty paper-cup sits next to you.
Suddenly a passer-by flicks a coin into your empty cup – like you were a beggar.

Okay, this is comedy – seen on TV many a times, but this has really happened to someone close, and the person took it as a severe invalidation.

What had happened in that situation? Why was the person given money, when there was no need to?

Again – here was an underlying consideration at work.

In the imagination of this passer-by the factors “person+empty-cup-in-public-place” added up to “beggar” and he felt enough sympathy to donate money. In his mind and in his universe he created the coffee-drinker as a poor and needy person. Created by his own considerations – completely disregarding what the actual reality was. He created “scarcity” for the coffee-drinker – and then switched over to “noble cause” and helped.

Another example from my excursions to new-agie forums. New-agies spend a great deal of their energies and activities on sending “Love and Light” to anyone and any place. Nice or not so noble?

For some reason it always felt *yukky*, when someone closed their communications with “Love and Light…[to me]”. Why would it feel bad, if someone sent me such niceties?

It is the same pattern. In their imagination and by their consideration they created their “image of me” and judged(!) it as having not enough of “Love and Light” – they created another scarcity and filled it  – too acting out of a noble cause.

But is it really “noble”, if you first fantasize your fellow-beings to be in a lower condition and then oh-so-generously help them out of the misery, which you created with your considerations (imaginations).

Both examples and the examples in Trouble with Noble Causes deal with someone determining what’s wrong with another and offering a solution. – Controlling both sides of the game – Pandeterminism: “I know what’s wrong with you et voilá – I have the solution.”

What now, when it comes to the noblest causes of all – “to free beings” – ?

1. In the Beginning there was Freedom.
2. Then “something mysterious” happened. Henceforth Enslavement ruled.
3. Thus came the Freedom-Bringers.

What is this mysterious something, that happened,
which caused a scarcity of Freedom in the universe?


3 responses to “Freeing versus Freedom

  1. Ok. Good topic. :)

    But is it not universe build on this law of scarcity?

    Firs, we create lack of ARC, and then trying to make more ARC with others.

    Is it easy to UNcreate scarcity of something?

    Hmmm. :)

  2. > But is it not universe build on this law of scarcity?

    No. Not my universe.

    In the universes of other beings this law may exist, if they created it or agreed to it.
    Some beings do strange things, so in the shared universe that “law” may be visible in some corners…

    > First, we create lack of ARC,..
    > .. and then trying to make more ARC with others.

    That is Dev-T!

    This is like digging a hole into the ground and then putting the dirt back into the hole. Useless activity.

    > Is it easy to UNcreate scarcity of something?

    hmmm – in my understanding spirits create – and nothing else:

    1 create something they want
    2 create change if necessary
    3 create solutions for unwanted things

    non-material “things” are VERY EASY to create.

    If you want “affinity”, create it, be the first one.

    Next time out on the street you could practise a bit. Take notice of someone, you wouldn’t normally notice and feel a little affinity for the person, then the next, then the next… Like this Braco guy – a true master of affinity :-)

    i think it is the book “Creation of Human Ability”, which is packed with these little “drills”.

    The whole world is full of potential Friends. We just don’t know them yet.

    Amen! – lol ;-)

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