Goodness versus Godness

3 ViewPoints form a stable base and so generate a 4th elevated VP.

Can “Goodness” be an obstacle in obtaining “Godness”?

God is good, right? Are they not the same then?

Let’s have a look at what the differences are.

A “god” is any being, who created a working system. In relation to the system s/he created s/he is the highest autority, the one, who knows all about it, but not being part of that system.

The term “god” says nothing about the level of spiritual awareness or ability of a being.  Same is with “OT”. Any thetan, capable of operating anything – big or small – is an Operating Thetan. Period!

“God” is merely a function-title!

Once the system is created, s/he lets go of it – the “god” is free of the system, residing in an exterior position – and anyone else is free to do with the system, whatever they choose – ignore it, use it, damage or even destroy it.

Free Beings – free choice! They do good or bad to the system – The Creator remains unaffected.

Thus Free Beings take rank just below Creator.

For example take, Carl Benz; creator of the Mercedes. Free beings can either choose to ignore the Mercedes, use it as intended or destroy it. If used as intended Carl might have cast a smile, or raised an eyebrow, if someone chose to damage a Mercedes, but none of these actions had an effect on Carl-the-Creator.

A creator can always walk away and create a new system. (*hint* ;-)

Now, a broken Mercedes is a case for the garage – the repair-service.

Repair-services re_act upon the effects of those Free Being, who freely chose to not use the system as intended.

The repair-crew are the “good guys”! They make broken things go right. They don’t damage or destroy things. But since they don’t build carst, they are not creators either. ..

What they do is, they enter the scene after the damaging effect has taken place (caused by the “bad guys” amongst the free beings).

The good guys enter the stage at the third place:

1. Car Creator
2. Damage Causer
3. Repair Crew
4. Broken Piece

Okay then – I trust you got the concept ;-)

How does this translate to “repairing” and “freeing beings” ?

A quick thing beforehand:

One very distinct characteristic of a Free Being is:…

A FREE Being is UNcontrollable!

( live with it – it’s just a matter of confront ;-)

1. Creator – whoever that is
2. UNcontrollable Beings – some causing “hard-to-confront” Effects
3. Repair-Crew – Lightworkers, New-Age-Healers, Auditors etc…
4. Broken(?) Beings – more or less everyone inexperienced in 3, 2, 1.

Creator creates a FREE Playfield, an environment,
wHere Free Beings can freely play, free of control.




FREE UNcontrollable Beings cause UNpredictable,
adventurous and even DANGERous Environments!

What does “God” do? Nothing! Literally … no thing.


“God” doesn’t take sides.

“God” is above and beyond “good-and-bad”!

FreeDOM and FreeWILL are not only GRANTED…



How do you handle the dangerous conditions,
that you might perceive in your environment?


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  1. Anonymous

    what a pity that you use black color to write on . It’s not easy to read byold tired eys.

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