False Condition-Assignment

Okay, the title is a bit misleading…

In the universe of freezone/scientology a correct ethics-condition has never been formally assigned – therefore there is not really a false condition-assignment either.

Still things didn’t move along as smoothly and effectively as they could have.

People were applying the condition, which they *believed to be the case and applied the respective condition formula, producing countless individual gains, making ripples in the spirit’s universes – *plop*, *plop*, *plop*…, alas to the date missing the one


The “perceived” condition is Emergency.

Can’t look at yourself yet? – Look at the evil twin first – the church.

Emergency-Condition-Formula is what they apply:

“Promote, Produce, Deliver!”…

okay, produce and deliver fell a bit short lately – they merely promote a lot (of hot air;-) – but that’s their business, not yours or mine. Their activities spawning the results of applying the wrong condition-formula over a loooooong duration.


The correct Condition is “Danger”.

The correct first step in handling is:




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