Effective Bypassing

Two Examples of correctly done “Bypassing”

L.Kin in his Pied Pipers of Heaven…
(Book 3 of his Universe-Hat-Write-Up i.e. Excalibur)

… provided a remedy for
all entity-related phenomena
by Granting (them) Freedom.


Give them the ‘Two Rights of a Thetan’. ..
..tell them:
‘You have the right to self-determinism.
You have the right to leave a game.’


This is
BYPASSING of supposed
EVIL-CAUSERS and their
supposed EFFECTS.

This elevates the being two causation levels up:
– above ‘effects caused’
– above ’causers of effects’
This cleared the view and paved the way to examine, what really was the case and allowed further research…


Palle, Originator of Free Solo Processing goes even further by


Just WHO IS the creator of all case? – lol

In MY case, this was ME.

Palle bypassed the creator of my case.
He declared me Full-OT straight away.

WTF??? – Where had i heard that one before?

Right – first day in the sea org.

First time you hear a truth, it could be “a glitch in the Matrix”.

Second time hearing the same datum, it is NOT a coincidence.

Palle set up a Safe SpaceGRANTING Freedom FROM case and Freedom TO grow, adamantly NOT agreeing with any piece of case.

Mainly by sorting things into two  categories:

Is it a silly consideration? – Erase it!

Is it a lack of confront? – Raise it!


Considerations-Processing = Swiss Army Knife

Total Confront = Leatherman


What’s the third magic tool?  Don’t all Seekers on their Quests get THREE magic tools to overcome all obstacles on their path?


2 responses to “Effective Bypassing

  1. Good, :)

    And i like your colorfull pictures, beautifull. :)

  2. *oups* – some time ago I took the pictures down, sorry

    3rd magic tool of course is ETHICS! The LIGHTSABER!

    say 3 times “lightsaber, lifesaver” :-)

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