Eternal Games

Any game, which involves an eternal vow – any game, that curves back into itself in an unescapable circle – any game, which ends in eternity is an illegal game.

Games which involve a forever-commitment violate the Rights of a Thetan!

Thetans may leave any game any time they want, per self-determinism.


The CofS’s Sea Org. Their contract involves a forever-commitment
and their giving away most of their human rights.

Laws of human society prohibit this. There is no legal way to voluntarily commit yourself to lifelong slavery under the thumb of a slaveholder.

Human Rights are inalienable rights.

Same goes for the “loyal-officer / galactic patrol game”.
An “eternal volunteer” is a being, who can never leave
the game, he or she is no more and no less than a slave.

Thetan Rights are inalienable rights.

All these eternal “contracts” were nullified in 2003:
All members of the Galactic Patrol were relieved from their posts. The ones you see online, waving their banner so loudly are mere wannabes, playing for selfimportance – not knowing what the real game is.

These new wannabes and the “old” ones are free to make an application in PT or reapply in a new unit of time, provided they overcome their ego-issues.

One of the remaining few true GPers, who
are not playing for status or credentials,
picked up the concept and released a
visible announcement to the Sea Org –
a lower harmonic of the Galactic Patrol.
archived here

Since then they’re leaving in droves ;-)

Sure – none of them read this announcement. This is a true example of an OT-action. Getting things done by pure intention.


A game that folds back into itself – like this  pandeterminator, who pulls a blanket over the freedom of the beings in his sphere, and then “frees” the beings. PEEKABOO! – In admin-terms it’s plain Dev-T. What is it technically? – Narcism? – Stupidity? – or downright evil?


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