Expired Words

The written word can turn into a curse, if a book contains an author’s views of some state of affairs, that were once his or her reality and at a later time he or she gains different insights, changes his/her views – but had lost his/her body in the meantime to write another book which then portraits his/her then-current views of things.

Books tend to develop a self-perpetuating dynamic. People read them, sometimes believing their (the book’s) contents, forming mental images in their minds and so  creating a shared reality of their own – independently of whatever the author (without his expired physical vehicle) might think of his own past writings in present time.

Through agreement the readership re-creates and perpetuates expired views. :-(

Sector-9 Book
and adjacent writings contain all sorts of this stuff.

All content once related to
a Who, Where, What, When
is hereby declared *expired*.

All content NOT related to *)
a Who, Where, What, When
is open to review by anyone.

*) meaning “How-To”s and “Why”s


All views I might express here and from now on will expire, if not known or stated otherwise – at the latest, when this human vehicle has reached the average lifetime-span – around the year 2055.


So! Most of the Freezone-Decree is History!

Some friendly being brought the issue to the table lately.

[excerpt from round-table-decision]

>> do you think, the freezon-decree should be cancelled?

>> many beings strongly believe in it,
>> and i suspect their thoughtforms
>> created a barrier, so the freezone became a prison in itself,
>> so that visitors from elsewhere
>> can not enter earth-space – no bad guys and no good guys.
>> that’s a little boring methinks ;-)

> I like the part where it is forbidden to use a nuclear and chemical
> weapons.


> But, i do not like the part where aliens (thetans)
> cannot play, go in or go out.
> If the implanters have bases everywhere on this planet,
> why not then should we welcome various players
> from elsewhere from the universe?

agreed too

[end quote]

Since I utterly failed to have someone grow me a clone of my previous human vehicle in a test-tube, which I could make myself recognizable by – and didn’t bother to collect a pile of worthless certificates to prove my credibility, importance and supposed status … erm – NOT! It’s all Bovine Excremen!

mest, status, certs, ego

It is time for round-table-decisions and round-table-creations.

I’m glad and thankful someone picked up the concept!


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