Friends of Freedom

Dear Friends of Freedom!

Love and Freedom have at least one charcteristic in common.

You cannot produce it.

Freedom is not the result of any process. You cannot take Freedom from or give Freedom to anyone – well, unless you are a slaveholder or a prison ward. In this case I might ask, how come?


Freedom is a state of mind?

As a paying client in the freedom-business,
your freedom is partly dependent on how
the practitioner evaluates the state of your

As a practitioner in the freedom-business
you have a lot of power in your hands, a lot
of responsibility to carry for your clients;
as long as they believe you can give them
something, which they can not have, if
they do not stick to you and your services.

This creates a double-bind, an attachment
on both flows – you <=> them.

Double-binds aren’t exactly what Freedom is. Quite the opposite!

If someone comes to you and wants Freedom – GRANT FREEDOM!


By simply SAYING IT!

Isn’t this, what you always wanted? Getting “Postulates” to work!

You SAY it and IT IS!


In doing so, you have elevated you and your
client into the condition of Normal Operation.

UNLESS done, you’ll continue operating from a lower condition (see other posts). And I will continue calling it a freedom-business.

Freedom is free. Keep it so!

Freedom can NOT be sold like slices of salami! Here a little status-improvement, there a little release-certificate – until when? Just to keep the mill going?

Freedom itself is an UNCONDITIONAL!

Freedom is one of the few things, that have no grades, no shades of gray.

Freedom either IS or it is NOT.

Freedom is not numerable, not countable, not quantifiable.

Freedom is either full or empty – there are no in-betweens.

The glass of freedom is never half-full or half-empty.

There is no glass anyway, because Freedom cannot be contained – it is boundless, borderless. timeless? – hmm – guess so ;-)


All it takes is, to move to the other side of the same coin. Yes, even the monetary coin! ;-) It is only a matter of viewpoint – lol – as if “it” was ever different ;-)

Fear not!

No client will be lost – literally and metaphorically! – when you declare their Full Spiritual Freedom straight from the start. (that is now)

There is just as much to teach, to learn, to study, to wordclear, to assist, to practise, to process.

With this change of ViewPoint – “You are free! – errr…what? NOW? – Yes, you ARE free! – Cool. Thanks! What’s next? Where do we go from here? – Well, where do you want to go? – Oh, I’ve always dreamt of […] / wanted to know […]. Can you help me with that, please? – Sure, let’s see how to bring that about…”


Your technical expertise is needed and appreciated! (of course;-)

Now your clients will “always gain more of something”
instead of  “endlessly losing all sorts of deficiencies”.

… not one need ever fear again they might lose their bridge to freedom.

There is no bridge to lose for Free Beings.

So be it.

I trust you can take it from here.

You may as well safely ignore the Call and Time itself will take care of the matter.

Either way, I’m all for it. You have my full support!

Your move!

amen ti, amen ti amen ti!


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