Magic Triangle

The Third Magic Tool:

The Universal Solvent


This ARC-Triangle works just the way, that ARC-Triangles work. Simply raise one corner and you gradually get the other two up. Start at any corner you like.

If your universe seems like a chaotic mess, raise your confront, so you can face it better and make wiser decisions.

If there seem to be too many unacceptable beings and circumstances in your space, change your considerations about them. ReConsider and change your Reality. Considerations over mechanics.

If all else seems to be too steep a gradient, just admire the mess . Admire all the chaos, that the beings in your space are causing. Admire yourself, that you made it so far without going insane.

Just silently admire. The more you do, the more you will notice patterns in the chaos. Patterns indicate a sort of order. When a pattern becomes visible and the confusion lightens up, then is your time to step in and take action.

Chaos-Theory studies the hidden order contained in chaotic systems. The scientists are mostly mathematicians, who often try to catch the chaotic patterns in complex mathematical formulas. Many of them wrote graphical applications, which display the outcome of those formulas as very aesthetical pictures – Fractals.

The Admiral’s Triangle above IS a Fractal ;-)

With this triangle you can literally
transform spiritual plumb into gold.

Alchemy of the Mind ;-)


Yeah – what is an admiral?

say three times very fast:

“admire all, admire all, admire all”

See, this is an admiral ;-)

Are You?


If you would like to explore fractal aesthetics for yourself,
here are three intuitively to use Free Fractal Applications:

Oh, by the way:

God is a MatheMagician


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