Saving the Universe

“to save the universe” <= is an artificial goal – an IMPLANT!


A “saved universe” is not the result of processing every single individual 1-on-1.

The universe is saved in the instant, that you can fully confront it the way it is now. Seeing your universe as it is, without the compulsive need to change anything about it.

This doesn’t mean to gleefully pretend everything is hunky-dory or to turn two blind eyes to the current conditions or even say “this is not my problem”.

Everything in your universe is “your problem”, simply because your universe is your universe. Everything in it is your’s as well. A matter of havingness.

A saved universe is a matter of tone-level. Your tone-level. Can you HAVE your universe and BE in your original tone? Serenity of Beingness. A matter of confront!

“Handling” the universe works best, when developped a kind of playful but neutral professionalism – staying emotionally independent.

As a down-to-earth example; think of a paramedic on a scene of accident. Ideally he works with neutral professionalism. He doesn’t throw his arms up in the air and runs away screaming “I can’t see all this blood….!” – He can! He is able to confront what is. He knows what to do, knows which priorities to set, what to decide and do when, and does it to the best of his ability.

He probably does not display “Serenity of Beingness”, but this is due to the fact of this example being “down-to-earth”.


The cat’s out of the bag: “to save the universe” <= is an artificial goal.

What does this mean practically?

Think about it!


Calm professionalism knows more effective ways “to handle the universe”.

[Matrix Programming]


One response to “Saving the Universe

  1. Very nice. :)

    Why you do not allow comments on all your posts?

    Because, when i read some of your posts i simply want to
    acknowledge that i did it.


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