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To Know Shall Make You Ill

What ever happened to “The Truth shall set you free” ?

In SCN (study of knowledge itself and/or knowing how to know) there are several sets of opposing “stable datums”.

Two opposing “truths” cannot be true at the same time.
One of those “truths” must be a LIE!

One of those opposing sets is, that on the one hand SCN is all about ‘knowledge’, so that in the end all that supposed knowledge will set the being totally free, while on the other hand, it is said, that ‘premature’ knowledge will make the person ill or in the worst case can even kill the person.

Two opposing vectors form a ‘problem’ – even a GPM (Goals-Problem-Mass):

Goal1: “to know” versus Goal2: “must not know” (in order to survive)

What is ‘premature knowledge’ anyway?

When is the right time to know?

One (if not the best) indicator is, when you want to know, when you’re interested and curious about. Very high on the tone-scale, btw! :-)

What to do now?

Know? – or suppress your interests and wait until someone gives you permission to look?


A reader of this blog recently got into an argument with a SCN-believer. As far as I understood the ‘reader’ has a pastlife-SCN-history, while the ‘believer’ is probably freshly out-of-church and hasn’t yet cared to sort Hubbard’s contradicting datums into the respective categories and freeing himself of useless datums. The believer argued that one must not read (know!) about Incident-I, because a key-in might follow. – (or illness – or death)

If we’re being nice with Hubbard, we assume he wanted to save his believers from illness and early death. That’s very kind of him.

If we’re not so nice and analyse the mechanism, which Hubbard installed in his believers, we find…

A control-mechanism!

A fear-based control-mechanism:
“If you [read this], then [something bad] will happen to you.”


We create our realities by our considerations
and considerations are senior to mechanics.

If-Then-Programming IS a mechanic and thus CAN create a Reality.


So; is it possible, that someone might get ill through reading mere words?

Sure! Why not?
If sugar-pills (placebos) can cause REAL healings, plain text might cause real illness.

A kind of reverse Placebo-Effect.

That’s pretty much how “voodoo” and “black magic” work
– and the positive stuff too of course :-)

Healer/Sorcerer (authority figure!) utters the magic words (truth/curse), the believer believes, because he’s got no own frame of reference, has no truths of his own and expects the prophezised results to come true. If his believing is strong enough, they will. But he’s doing it all by himself, by his belief, by how much of his own power he gives away to that authority figure.

Not very useful, not very self-determined, not very responsible ;-)

But you ARE free to do so …

You are free … to assign the Cause over Life – cause over your life, death, health, suffering to anyone else but yourself – anyone: an authority figure, a galactic evildoer, a stranger on the bus … anyone, anything – even a bunch of words.
This simple (but stupid) trick saves you all the trouble of being responsible for yourself.

But is it really the words, that make someone ill?

Words have no power at all, until you give them power!

First you give your power to an authority, then you give power to their words.

Someone waves a piece of paper in front of your nose and says:
“If you read this, you will die!”

With your own eyes you can see the piece of paper. It is real!

What else is real? – Your “death”? – Maybe … it is not here yet, so who knows…

Death is NOT real at this moment!

But if you believe that person, your FEAR (of death) is REAL!

Real Fear can cause real death. Either by the emotional overload (stress), which can cause a heart attack – or by the fearsome person losing their rationality, losing focus and attention to real-life issues, so that they make mistakes and perhaps get run over by a bus.

How to deal with Fear then? – avoidance-manoeuvres? – or…?

It all comes down again to two questions:
Did you make yourself victim of your own considerations?
Is it a lack of confront, you’re dealing with?

“If I read this, I will die” is a consideration. A non-survival consideration!
The inability to confront the emotions caused by a “fear of death” is equally non-survival.


– bypass those authorities, who installed fear-programming
– re-place non-survival considerations by pro-survival ones
– raise your confront in dealing with strong emotions


Above all this; a SOLVED Incident-I can not kill anyone!

But again; you’re still free to adopt all fear-based control-mechanisms as your own – re-create Hubbard’s Incident-I with your own powers-of-the-mind, persuade others to believe in it too and get them to create the same with their minds – all fresh, new, real – and make it very solid and keep it so for all eternity.

In this case(!) allow me to ask, if you really believe you’re on the “light” side of the game.



Another step UP – even above the level of a “solved” and therefor harmless Inc-I, it is just another Story. At some point of Insight, it’s all about Story-Telling, because there is no other way of explaining otherwise inexplicable – erm – “things”…

The Inc-I-Story was Hubbard’s way of explaining what is now called The Matrix in the new-age-community. It is a learning-story, a parable, a tale – just like the stories in the Bible. No one knows, if the Bible-stories are really true, but they’re useful to derive real truths from them. Real truths, which may help in dealing with real matters in real life.

Welcome to the realms above the Matrix!

Say Hello to the ARChitect



Unstable OT-Powerz

What was the big dream with all your processing?

That you can get your postulates to take form immediately. Think it and it be!

It seldom ever happened just like that *snap+pop*…

Perhaps in a case of emergency or in situations, that don’t really matter. Like postulating a parking space. You didn’t undertake all these efforts to become a master-postulator of parking spaces, did you?

Hopes were a little higher, weren’t they? That you make huge, grand-scale postulates to take effect on  issues, which really matter. Perhaps solve the problems of a whole planet with the blink of an eye.

Now a planet is a few dynamics up.

Let’s start from the beginning; 1st Dynamic.

Most people “postulate” a bunch of HAVEs and are just happy, if their wishes(!) come to fruition. This includes to have a 2nd Dynamic. As if it were a possession… One 1st dynamic being owns another 1st dynamic being, tsk! Have one – how nice. BE ONE, what’s that??? – okay, that’s another story;-)

Back to one-dynamik-UP-postulates: Others

Are you postulating for others? If so, what?

Imagine this:
Man with a bucket of paint and a paint-brush climbs up a ladder… What happens next? Plenty a folks cannot restrain themselves from thinking thoughts like this: Wouldn’t it be funny, if the guy slips on the next rung, falls to his rear side, bucket swirls through the air and lands top-down on his head?

A possible future, yes – a postulate. Very funny – big HAHA.

Laughing is pro-survival, good for your health, beneficial to your first dynamic.

It’s also pro-survival for bystanders and whitnesses. They might laugh too. Great number of dynamics covered and made “happy”. Only one is not so happy, but in the face of the greater good, his misfortune is neglectable … Or is it not?


Postulating misfortunes onto others for one’s own benefit is unethical. Period!

Even worse, when you justify a successfully postulated misfortune with nonsense like: Oh, he certainly deserved to fall – must have done something unethical himself in a previous lifetime.

Karma, Karma, Karma… A lie cleverly designed to enslave beings. A lie repeated for such a long time, it has become a “truth”. – again, this is another story;-)

Back to postulates.

Those “what-if” imaginations about the man on the ladder contain contradicting postulations. Pro-survival for self – counter-survival for another… One is ethical or neutral the other is unethical. Sumtotal = 0, Nil.

So the outcome of your postulating efforts may depend on factors, that are not under your immediate control or that you aren’t aware of. The effects you cause appear to be coincidental – not repeatable.

The more you progressed with your processing, the better effect should your postulates take..

The higher your awareness, the more you should be able to postulate “good things” for (your) higher dynamics…

Even the “com-lag” of the universe should tend to zero to manifest the effects of your causings…

“should” …

What happened when nothing happened?

Have you checked your postulates for ethical-ness / in-line-ness?

A tiny deviation at the source leads to a huge deviation off-course in the long run.

Time is another factor.

In this universe Time has a vastly overlooked function…

Time gives you the opportunity to reconsider your decisions and correct your course.

If you don’t, the desired effect stops at the point, where it collides with another’ dynamic.



Time & Postulate…

Postulate = post U late

May I ask WHY?



This is where all your desired Effects are located. LATE!

Particularly sad, if you POST yoUr Freedom LATE.