Unstable OT-Powerz

What was the big dream with all your processing?

That you can get your postulates to take form immediately. Think it and it be!

It seldom ever happened just like that *snap+pop*…

Perhaps in a case of emergency or in situations, that don’t really matter. Like postulating a parking space. You didn’t undertake all these efforts to become a master-postulator of parking spaces, did you?

Hopes were a little higher, weren’t they? That you make huge, grand-scale postulates to take effect on  issues, which really matter. Perhaps solve the problems of a whole planet with the blink of an eye.

Now a planet is a few dynamics up.

Let’s start from the beginning; 1st Dynamic.

Most people “postulate” a bunch of HAVEs and are just happy, if their wishes(!) come to fruition. This includes to have a 2nd Dynamic. As if it were a possession… One 1st dynamic being owns another 1st dynamic being, tsk! Have one – how nice. BE ONE, what’s that??? – okay, that’s another story;-)

Back to one-dynamik-UP-postulates: Others

Are you postulating for others? If so, what?

Imagine this:
Man with a bucket of paint and a paint-brush climbs up a ladder… What happens next? Plenty a folks cannot restrain themselves from thinking thoughts like this: Wouldn’t it be funny, if the guy slips on the next rung, falls to his rear side, bucket swirls through the air and lands top-down on his head?

A possible future, yes – a postulate. Very funny – big HAHA.

Laughing is pro-survival, good for your health, beneficial to your first dynamic.

It’s also pro-survival for bystanders and whitnesses. They might laugh too. Great number of dynamics covered and made “happy”. Only one is not so happy, but in the face of the greater good, his misfortune is neglectable … Or is it not?


Postulating misfortunes onto others for one’s own benefit is unethical. Period!

Even worse, when you justify a successfully postulated misfortune with nonsense like: Oh, he certainly deserved to fall – must have done something unethical himself in a previous lifetime.

Karma, Karma, Karma… A lie cleverly designed to enslave beings. A lie repeated for such a long time, it has become a “truth”. – again, this is another story;-)

Back to postulates.

Those “what-if” imaginations about the man on the ladder contain contradicting postulations. Pro-survival for self – counter-survival for another… One is ethical or neutral the other is unethical. Sumtotal = 0, Nil.

So the outcome of your postulating efforts may depend on factors, that are not under your immediate control or that you aren’t aware of. The effects you cause appear to be coincidental – not repeatable.

The more you progressed with your processing, the better effect should your postulates take..

The higher your awareness, the more you should be able to postulate “good things” for (your) higher dynamics…

Even the “com-lag” of the universe should tend to zero to manifest the effects of your causings…

“should” …

What happened when nothing happened?

Have you checked your postulates for ethical-ness / in-line-ness?

A tiny deviation at the source leads to a huge deviation off-course in the long run.

Time is another factor.

In this universe Time has a vastly overlooked function…

Time gives you the opportunity to reconsider your decisions and correct your course.

If you don’t, the desired effect stops at the point, where it collides with another’ dynamic.



Time & Postulate…

Postulate = post U late

May I ask WHY?



This is where all your desired Effects are located. LATE!

Particularly sad, if you POST yoUr Freedom LATE.



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