Source QandA

For Eander and AllWhoAre (interested ;-)

> Can there be MORE than ONE source (god) of all what is?

Depends on your viewpoint.

Seen from “down here”, there is only one source of all that is. This is YOU.

When you move your viewing-focus to “up there”, you see, that the same is true for all who are.

Thus; both is true: ONE and ALL is/are “god”.

All are actively creating AllThatIs continously. No one ever stopped. ALL are “gods” creating FULL BLAST ALL the time.

Most of them – at least on this planet, in this dimension/density level – are UNAWARE of their doings.

So you can’t just go to your fellow-gods on the street and ask them politely to stop making all this mess and start creating some nicer things. Being unaware of their power of creation, they simply deny being cause, being source of AllThatIs: “Oh no! It wasn’t me. I didn’t do anything.”

A lie that is, but true for them. A “true lie”.

Remember where hubbard said; for something to persist, it must contain a lie. (?)

This is why!

There are unaware liars …
– average persons
– experiencing effects.

Semi conscious liars …
– esoterics, scienos, new-agies
– trying to repair effects.

Conscious liars …
– rulers of secret societies, illuminists etc
– creating scenarios and effects.


> Or, is it possible that some exists outside source ?

If the line is drawn too narrow, many things exist beyond that line.

But there is no line, no border around the AllThatIs and AllWhoAre.

Anti-Matter, Anti-God, Anti-Everything are still part of the ALL.

Per definition All IS ALL – there are no exceptions – or it would not be ALL.

Please note, that the All has no physical dimensions and that there is no end to infinity.

Infinity only “ends”, where your imagination ends.


> What IS theta ? Theta = source ?

For myself I seldom use these terms. In SCN-terminology these were often defined in contradicting ways and then used in even more different ways.

In SCN it is understood (or not;-) that here is Theta and there is MEST, with no in-betweens. One is “good” the other a nuisance.
“Static” is used for the Void/Nirvana/Nothingness (undefined spirit-space – percieved as being black) AND the AllPotential spirit-space (appears white) AND a no-dimensional ViewPoint AND the “Thetan”.

Many definitions, completely undifferentiated, meaning totally different things.

To make the confusion complete “Thetan” is also used for the unit, which animates a physical body – and which (not ‘who’!) can be affected by physical means (electronic traps and such).

This latter use of “thetan” indicates the term is used in a way, what new-agies would call an EnergyBody, LightBody or AstralBody – which is clearly a possession OF a being – NOT the Being himself.

If we accept a thetan being the energy-body OF a Being, we can move on to further examining the relation and interaction of Spirit with Creation.

Theta-phenomena are Energy-Phenomena.

Energies are the LINK between Spirit and Creation.

So it is NOT just: Theta | Mest

But: Spirit > Individual > Energies > Spaces+Times+Solidities.


> What is the relation of ONE thetan to Theta?

Same as the magnetic field of an electric ring-coil under current.

As long as the electro-magnet exists it’s EM-field exists.

BodyField / PlanetField / UniverseField:
Rado-Flow animation from

As long as you emote, there is your theta.

EMotion is a Spirit-Being’s “current”.

Again: Size and strength of your (emo)field by which you can create, interact with and influence what is, is only limited by your imagination – which hopefull is infinite ;-)


> Is theta, source creating THE OVERALL  game of life,

Individuals create – they have intentions.

But – the “source” state is a state above individuation.

This is a kind of dream-state, dreamer dreaming… quite the way australian aboriginals say how AllThatIs came to be.

In Dreaming there is the sumtotal of all possible potentialities – and all is UNmanifest… No individuation has taken place and nothing has been decided or intended yet.

As a down-to-earth example; it is pretty much like when you’re on a wonderfull holidays’ morning, still in bed, almost awake, eyes still closed and you’re dreaming up plans what you want to spend the day with: What do I want to do today? Where am I going to go? What adventure to experience, which sights to see…?

And then you set your decision for the day, open your eyes, step out of bed and into the world, procede as intended and spend a fabulous day, just the way you dreamt it.


>…there must be rules (of the game) to which we ALL  are bound?

The game above “the game” has only one rule:

The Law of FREE WILL

No one can override another’s free will!

Most people just don’t understand that lying, cheating, deception and trickery is allowed – to lure other Beings into games they didn’t really want to play in the first place.

Some of those game are quite rough. Yes – bodies may be lost, planets may be destroyed, universes may collapse – but you guys wanted it so – big adventure – now don’t come running to mommy! ;-)

The WAY OUT is, to make very, very sure


> Restricted freedom

No such thing in Free Will’s Universe!


> and unknown rules?

In the instant you accept your total responsibility for the circumstances you’re in, your freedom is total

Dream up new truths, new worlds, overthrow all the old games, introduce new games and find yourself some co-players, who might be interested in partaking in your game…

… just in order for a “new creation” to persist,
you need to insert a wee twist, a tiny little lie…


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