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Overcoming Duality

In order for progress to take place it is essential to elevate one’s awareness above opposing concepts. If not, the Individual is always caught in struggle and fighting, which is a waste of energies and times of course.

Let’s take for example the concept of good and the concept of bad. The two are in a continuing struggle since god-knows-when. These opposing parties are located on the same (!) level of awareness and on the same (!) Game-Level – or else they would not be in contact with each other. They are on the same playfield. Two parties in ONE (!) game.

Thus “goodbad” is actually ONE concept – NOT two!

Here’s a practical example:
“Envy” is bad, “Admiration” is good, so it looks like two entirely different concepts. But they aren’t! These are two sides of the same coin – ONE concept!

BOTH sides say the SAME: One person has noticed, that another person has something, which he would also like to HAVE for himself.
Just why is one side good and the other bad? What is the difference?

Might be worthwhile contemplating.

Let’s concentrate on the basic three dualities to find our way out of this mess:

Truth – Lie
Good – Bad
Big – Small

Combine and analyse their anatomy!

What is a good truth made of?
What is a bad truth made of?

What is a big truth made of?
What is a small truth made of?

Find and make up examples of each!

What is a good lie made of?
What is a bad lie made of?

What is a big lie made of?
What is a small lie made of?

Find and make up examples of each!

What is the difference between a small lie and a small truth?


Masterpiece: The Undetectable Lie

Make up an untetectable lie!

Have fun with it!



Up the Line Down the Drain

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I, Will, see You up the Line on the OTher End of the Drain! ;-)

Wordplay: (in)Dividuation

Divid U @ Ion – The divided You stuck to charged Particle(s).

Name&Blame: Who charged your particles?

Mindplay: How can Will see You, if You aren’t already (t)here?

Individuation – Pinhole-Effect

How Cause and Effect changed their place

*   *
*   *
An Analogy

In my processing, when I reached those non-dimensional + non-manifest allwhite (all potential /  ‘god’ / the Dreaming) and undefined allblack (nothingness / nirvana / static) areas, I encountered a phenomenon, which I could – then – not easily explain to myself.

Actually those areas are not difficult to enter, once you embraced the concept of Total Responsibility. Total Acceptance of you being responsible for AllThatIs does the trick. No fancy process necessary! – Well, okay, the expanding of your willingness and acceptance for total responsibility is a gradual process in itself – not fancy or mystrious at all. No guru, spiritual teacher or leader can give it to you. It is a matter of your choice. FREE choice. You make that choice or you don’t.

Those non-dimensional areas cannot be described in linear (dimensional) terms. So as humans we have to resort to metaphors, analogies and symbols.

The allwhite spiritspace and the allblack spiritspace are interwoven into each other. The Asians have tried to symbolize this with their YinYang symbol.

The black/white dots here symbolize entry- and exit-point from one area to the other, marking the point of individuation.

It can be said, that once “the Dreaming” makes a decision, that it wants “to be” some One and play in a Game and experience its effects, a hole is punched through the veil, that separates the (white) All and the (black) None.

An individual EntryPoint is formed – an Individual has created itself.

As if the Individual were a peeping-hole. God looks into the world through You.

Through an Individual the All interacts with the None.

Between white All and black None spans the full Spirit’s Spectrum – sensed/seen as and symbolized by the Rainbow (Chakra-Colours).

So it is the Individual itSELF, who is the link between and actively connecting Spirit and Matter. In Present Time.

There is NO long forgotten point in or before time, which you need to “find again”. It is merely this piece of information, which you need to integrate. Yes, very simple. Too simple, huh?

Truth is so simple … it is like a curse – people hate it ;-)

The Individual itself is, who – like an optical lense – does the projecting of “the Dreaming’s” image*I*nations into the noThing-ness, and hereby creates SomeThing-ness. All the SomeThing-nesses any one Individual ever imagined. The combination of all individual creations form Solidity. Layers of increasing solidity. The more Individuals contribute, the more solid their Creation.

Or rather:
The “Dreaming” (the Divine) does the image*I*ning – and the Individual does the projecting. The Individual determines selectively – by Choice – by his/her own Free Will, which Images of all the possible, potential Possibilities he or she wants to project into the dimensional worlds.

Projecting / Lens-Effect

Just like in a photographic camera: A piece of the world is projected through a system of lenses into a black box – the camera – onto a piece of light-sensitive material. This optical lens causes a reversal of the picture. Left becomes right and top becomes bottom. Notice the X-shape!

Now an Individual cannot easily be compared with such a thing like a lens. An Individual (“static”?) is rather a no-thing-ness than a some-thing-ness.

So, how does the projecting go?

Ever heard of a pinhole-camera?

NO lens or lens-system needed!

Same Effect! – notice X-Shape.

So it appears – like I said above – AS IF each time the Divine decides to explore it’s Dreaming’s Projetions in the Materium, a hole is punched into the “border” between the Allwhite and the AllBlack.

Is the number of holes – Individual’s Entry-Points – that can be punched into the “border” limited? – I guess not. – If the number of Individuals/ Single-Static-VPs / Thetans is unlimited/infinite, then what about the task, that scienos have burdened themselves with : “to audit them ALL to full-OT” ? – How long will it take? – Interesting, huh? ;-)


By the time, when I had unburdened myself of all the games, that weren’t my own, I could consciously be, perceive and act in that AllWhite-Space – an area beyond/above/before Games – an area where everyThing is possible, but noThing has been decided yet. The movie Matrix gives a pretty good impression of that area – the outside-the-matrix place where Morpheus takes Neo to explain to him how the Matrix functions.

While moving UP and OUT of the games you entered from inside-out of the (dark) created spaces, it looks like flying towards a star – a guiding light – being the Individual, who’s game you entered in the first place – a “white hole” – the Exit!

Up and out “there” in the AllWhite emptiness – the “god”-place – I was back at Square One. A tiny spark in a sea of light – indistinguishable. No iDentity, no game, no one else distinguishable – boring!

I looked around more and then noticed a tiny dark spot – moved closer – I circled round it – a black CUBE! – Square Two? – Blackness 2³?

Very interesting!

Suddenly it changed from dull black to glowing glistening colours. It was soooo beautiful :-)

Was it alive?

Since this was the only “thing” NOT-nothing I asked if it was “God”…

Cube: Come in and find out!

(“come IN” ? – the Cube a black hole?)

I: You want to play a game?

Cube: Come in and find out!

I: But this is exactly what I just did. I was IN a place like this and FOUND OUT.

Cube: But everyONE is in here and they ALL LOVE it.

The “conversation with god” went on for a while, him trying to sell me his mystery – me not buying it. It became clear he was playing the Enlightenment-Game. A buddha-type.

He tried every trick to lure me into his game:

  • Bait! He showed me bliss – man, it felt SOOO good … tell me about TEMPTATION! – lol – alluding it would be like that (blissful) all of the time – a lie of course!
  • Threats and invalidations! – trying to “motivate” me by attacking my lower ego. (if only I had one;-)

I told him I wouldn’t go in there again. NOT AGAIN! It is a TRAP!

It takes a bit of WillPower and confidence to “disappoint god” in such a way – but I simply couldn’t see the point in UNenlightening myself in order to enter a game, where a.) I ‘d be considered a “dim bulb” for an eternity, only to arrive back at where I started in the end. Light.

What a waste of opportunity to play worth(the)while games.

How many Beings might have entered the Black Hole – the game-Cube of enlightenment – in order “to arrive back at where they started in the end” ?

Don’t they ALL LOVE it – and have their moments of BLISS there and then?

Arriving back at where You started in the end…

…constitutes a Paradox. The snake that bites it’s tail.


Started in the End

…is part of the Pinhole-Effect:

Top becomes Bottom
Left becomes Right (right becomes wrong?)
End becomes Start!
Effect becomes Cause!
After becomes Before!

TIME itself is REVERSED!

When I first encountered this phenomenon, it was hard to grasp. For a while I suspected there must be an evil someone somewhere, who created an evil mechanism causing this puzzling Reversal.

But there is no “evil someone”. Not at this level. You know, the “bad guys” from the games-within-games below also play their version of the enlightenment-game. They TOO want “to leave this pit and go home”. Well, THEIR version of home.

So this reversal of everything is just what happens, when the ALL tries to squeeze itself through an infinitely small Individuation-“hole” in order to experience it’s SELF on “the other side”.

Other side of what? – Mirror?

Which side of the mirror is real – which is reflection?
How does the real side change the projection on the other side?

How do you wake up the guy in your mirror?


Okay – deviating – LOL

Lost track of the “artificial lens-system” – the one that locks the spirit in the body.

Stay tuned ;-)