Axiom 38

The most interesting line of Axiom 38 is …

… “anything, to persist, must contain a lie.”

other interesting lines:

Truth is the exact consideration.

aha! Truth is a consideration. Considerations can be changed easily – simply by considering something else. Thus Truth itself is changeable! Interesting, huh?


Truth is the exact time, place, form and event.

Wait! – There’s an OMISSION here! Time, place, form, event and WHO CONSIDERED WHAT; thus made a “Truth”.

Oh, and this one:

The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them.
LRH in “Technique 88”

In case you’re a good little scientologist, you certainly wouldn’t mind being controlled by LRH, hm?

But anyway … how can we make use of and get Axiom 38 to work for our purposes?

If you think of all the things, which do persist and the things, that are intended to persist … they ALL must contain a lie!

Now if you think of the things you WANT to persist – and especially the things you created, your creations – you have to make use of lies and insert a little twist into your creation; so that no one can take your creation apart. Of course they can – as I have just described in the article Creator ViewPoint, but since many people are fearful of taking full responsibility, it is unlikely that someone jumps out of the bushes all of a sudden and unmocks the persistances you just created.

Getting a real good grip of this – now complete – Principle, is essential for truely understanding a.) what socalled Conspiracies are about, b.) to handle case and stuff, c.) to operate the “Matrix”.

Whenever you want something to persist, you must insert a lie.


perhaps the most interesting line:

Thus we see that an ultimate truth would have no time, place, form or event.

Per this definition an “Ultimate Truth” would be “static” or “The Static” – the Spirit Being – and its creations: “Ideas” and “Dreams”
[mock-ups and images in scientologese]

If you call yourself a “TruthSeeker”, what will you find…?

[next: make it persist + akashic record]


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