Creator ViewPoint


Anything you can create;
you can uncreate.

Taking Full Responsibility for supposedly harmful events does NOT mean you go looking for a cause or source outside yourself and make this source a target of your own harmful (destructive, unethical) activities.

Unethicalness is not the answer to unethicalness! That’s like trying to put out a fire by pouring oil onto it.

Being fully responsible means – in your processing – you go looking for the point where and when the foundation of those events were laid – find the creator’s idea prior to setting events in motion.

Then you put yourself in the place of
this creator: “What if I made all this?”

Sequence of processing:

  1. Meet the event in question with confront. NOT numbness, but active calmness. Without feeling the need to undertake counter-actions…
  2. Simply observe, feel, perceive what is – and by doing this – learn as much as you can about hat event…
  3. Analyse what is: Patterns, structures, systematics…
  4. Bypass and replace the “original” creator and place yourself in his position. Hereby you put yoursef in a position of cause *over* the event – no longer effect, but in control.
  5. Reverse-engineer the event.
    Ask yourself:
    If I made this… HOW did I make it?
    If I made this… What PURPOSE had I in mind?
    WHY did I make it?
    WHAT was I trying to achieve?
    What did I learn in the process?
    What did I finally get out of it?

This is Creative Processing! It means you are using your IMAGINATION to get to the core of an issue.

If you’re using an e-meter, it will show it’s significant reactions (LFBD etc) when your “Imagination” is congruent with the Truth and congruent with the initial Idea.

In Creative Processing you experience yourself as Cause instead of being effect of other causes, you learn the ins and outs of creation – and in accepting your role as Creator you are the one to decide whether you want your creation to persist, change it or to do away with – as you may have noticed by the reactions of the beings in your universe, some might not be so content with lessons and obstacles you created.

Creative processing as described above works like a charm on literally everything (illnesses, implants, Incidents, worlds and the Universe itself), but you might consider progressing on gradients and start with lessons you created for yourself … somatics perhaps, then illness (in case there are any)… and so forth up the gradient scale…

No problem can be
solved from the same level
of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

With this process you can handle every challenge from the viewpoint just above, what seemed to be bothering you.

First you imagine yourself to a level “one order up the systems”.
Then get yourself oriented on that level.
Next you “play the role”.
Finally you can BE it naturally.


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