Creating Persistence

Anything, to persist, must contain a lie.”
[from Axiom 38]

Understand one thing:
In the spirit-spaces there exists no copyright, and no cosmic patent-office keeps a watch over who created what and when. Anyone is allowed to create any thing any time and may also claim any creation his own make, whether s/he really made it in the first place or not.

That’s part of why the Creator-ViewPoint-Principle works so well.

Only when you with your human vehicle take the physical effort of writing down the script of a creation, it is considered your intellectual property and you may claim copyright and/or file a patent on it.

The “file-cabinet” of the non-existent cosmic patent-office is called “akashic record”.

Any idea, dream, creation, mental image, memory, that any being ever created and preserved for “later” can be found here – and any being may hijack and claim ownership, may change, eraze or add any piece of its contents.

comes in handy when you move on to clear the akashic record…

Back to securing “persistence”…

Think of groups or individuals, who may have an interest in making something persist. Can be mythical beings like the “black brotherhood” or the “white brotherhood” or the founder of a religion or *you or “we all”.

“We All” might have an interest in having the universe persist – at least for another while, until “we all” know how to set up a new playfield. [see “Plan-B”]

Thus we must “insert a LIE”.

To cut a long story short – the most basic, most simple
and most powerful disempowering LIE is:

It was NOT ME!

Sounds familiar, huh? Have you ever used that lie yourself or still do? Yap – this is what brought you all the way from Power to almost being totally disempowered.

Truth revealed!

[the folks in secret societies tell a slightly different lie…]


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