The Powers That Be



Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they take Form.

In “Secret Societies” I hinted at something being very wrong with calling “them” the-powers-that-be, by the example of Project Scamalot (*oups* – I did it again – that should read Project Camelot of course).

So what’s wrong with calling someone whom you don’t like “the powers that be”? – especially if you do not want them to BE in power or HAVE power…

Everything’s wrong – that’s what!

If my english grammar serves me right, the term “powers that be” covers both present and future, meaning “the powers that are now” and “the powers that are in future”. And in calling them this you accept, manifest and cement “their” power for the time being and the times coming.

You can as well throw yourself in the dust and exclaim: “Hail Gods! Hail to you!” – addressing them with expressions of power and honour … What a nice gift to them! In doing so, you join the ranks of THEIR energetic foot-soldiers, feeding YOUR energies into their energy-pool.

Guess what! – THEY laugh and cheer at so much stupidity!

This is particularly sad, as the idea of calling “them” powerful names, is promoted by influential guys like Project Scamalot. Especially and particularly sad – and DESTRUCTIVE – as they (Scamalot) KNOW the other “real secret”.  It’s been mentioned in several of their productions. But they seem to be totally unable to connect dot #1 and dot #2.

What’s that other “real secret” then?

(how many “real secrets” do we have by now – 5? – lost count over all the big mysterious secrets – lol)


Remedy 1
First thing is to take back your powers and
put them where they belong. At YOU that is!

Assign suitable names to them, which represent their position in the power-structure, the way YOU WANT it to BE!

Do NOT assign honourable names, like “powers” or “elite”.

Again: Watch your words, for they take Form.

They may be “global players” – but so are you – if you so choose!



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