FreeWill Beings

Making Weather

This little practical is for getting used to dealing with FreeWill-Beings. You cannnot command, control or dictate what a Free Being should do or not. But you can make suggestions to them and they will decide for themselves.

If you want some specific weather-conditions on a special occasion – or just for the fun of it – you can make suggestions to the “weather-guys”. I have no special name for them, some folks call them “sylphs” though…

This is how it goes:

Visualize yourself travelling up into and above the clouds.
Look around.
Make yourself fly freely through clouds’ mountain and dales.
Dash about as fast and slow as you like…

When you are taken notice of by the weather-guys, this is usually accompanied by a distinct feeling … overwhelming joy. (It is probably their feeling)
Now think your suggestion towards the being. It is not neccessary to babble words with your body, because you did not take your body to the clouds – only yourself ;-)

If they like your idea, you will get the idea in return: ‘yeah, yeah, don’t worry!’

It really goes that quick – only a few seconds. They are friendly and joyous, but human concerns aren’t much of their concerns, but will try to fit you into their schedule of keeping the skies in order.

Now you might ask; do these weather-guys truely exist? – and I must honestly say; I don’t know. All I know is, that it worked on various occasions exactly as described.

Works even better, if two or more people ask for some specific weather conditions.

Now if many people read this article and try their luck and too many ask for too many different weathers in the same time and place, most will be ignored of course.

In case you want to change weather conditions, of which you suspect they are man-made (think of HAARP and stuff like that) you might first want to ask the humans operating those weather-machines to stop their doings and turn to something useful instead.

How do you ask the HAARPists?
Just like somebody would ask their non-existent BTs to bugger off…


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