Bodies in Pawn

“Bodies in pawn result” from a “very gruesome experience” in which:

a fellow is grabbed, hypnotized, shoved into an electronic field, and then told he is somewhere else. And so he departs—most of him—and goes to the new location while still being under control of the implanters. He picks up a MEST [physical] body in the new location and starts living a life there, while still having a living body somewhere else. The implanters can keep his original body alive indefinitely, and control the thetan through it. If the thetan tries to flee, the hypnotizers simply cause pain to the original body, still alive in a vat of fluid, and he is immediately recalled. That’s a BODY IN PAWN. It’s a second body you may have, living somewhere else, right in present time. But the second body is not under YOUR direct control.
(Source magazine #105, pg.39, 1997; see also Hubbard, Research and Discovery Series vol. 10)

They can apparently cause major problems for people undergoing medical operations, as “pain, an anaesthetic or a serious accident cause him to change to the other area with a shocking impact on the other body. The other body quite commonly dies or is deranged by the sudden impact”. This gives the patient a repressed feeling of having died and leaves him “very, very badly disturbed”.

THIS per Wikipedia and as “we knew it” to have happened some time in the distant past – not here, not now, right?!

Please take the time and and/or make the time to educate yourself further on the subject. This man has something substancial to relay:
(start of playlist)

Here he details how the supposed alien abductions are actually staged. If you had for example watched the interviews of Simon Parkes, who is so convinced that he was physically taken to another planet or at least a station up in orbit… Marshall gives the clue of how things are not so, but how they really are.

If you are perhaps also familiar with Fritz Springmeiers’s work and the data gleaned from deprogramming mind controlled slaves of how their programming is done you might have come across the mirror-programming procedures… This is how it’s done.
Fracture the mind into myrriads of mirror-personalities and stick an amount to a clone, et voilá! There’s your slave of sleep, which can be tortured and worse.

Background info:
The enslavers are incapable of creating and procreating. This means; their number is finite. They are not getting more. They have no friends an their allies have left them. If their number is getting less or under which conditions, is uncertain at the moment.
All they can do, is gene-splicing and cloning physical bodies and rip themselves – they appear to be just mind, no heart or soul – into many fractions and scatter those fragments onto several bodies.
Since they ARE NOT growing in numbers but have through cloning and breeding-programms more bodies than they are, there were always “normal” spirits (with heart and soul) born to their “families”, which are then – through sheer violence and unspeakable brutality – reduced to mind-only… well, at least that was the plan…

=to be continued=


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  1. nice viewpoint!

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