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Interesting twist coming:
New-Cage-Guru and Cabal-Darling (controlled opposition) David Wilcock introducing the idea of “galvanic skin response devices / lie-detectors” to his halfwake sleeple… OF COURSE he himself BUILT such a device when he was a school-kid. Well, isn’t that an incredibly credible “acceptable truth”? Wonder who he’s in bed with. (Not!)
So, you “professional listeners” (listens only when paid a fortune) out there, polish your cans for the influx of new-cagies. Even the new freezone-pope (claims he speaks on my behalf / liar)  has positioned himself recently…

DW’s very recent blabla – fast forward to 45minutes:

October 2014
since the proposed existence of “body thetans” didn’t sufficiently explain
certain phenomena, I had been researching the subjects of so called
demons, djinns, archons, black goo, what “super-soldiers” have to say,
the inventors of world religions and the recent worldwide genocides,
human cloning, droning and breeding etc++…

If you want to do your own research and draw your own conclusions,
you might want to search on youtube for some of the aforementioned
subjects and names:
John Lash
Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Cameron Day
Jay Weidner
Texe Marrs + Khazars
Harald Kautz-Vella (german)
The interviewer Miles Johnston and interviewees:
Michael Prince aka James Casbolt
Max Spiers
Erin Hicks
Simon Parkes
Donald Marshall
[Bodies in Pawn!
– just when you thought, it can’t get worse]

October 2010

Pausing this blog. Being on a project […]