I have various questions (because i am curious),
but i do not want to ask, i feel as if you are not interested to answer them.
Well i will try. :) It is better to communicate than to not.
Did Egyptian Thoth had a birs mask, or he was really bird head?
And what the bird means?

> Did Egyptian Thoth had a bir[d’]s mask, or he was really bird head?

For simple “either / or” = “yes / no” = “1 / 0″ questions, toss a coin!

How is this relevant anyway?
Which problem does it solve?

> And what the bird means?

Perhaps start gathering your own Info.

It will probably not solve any real problem.
But it is a communication.
Ok, i will not ask anything.
I do not fell able ato ask telepathically anybody anything.

> I do not feel able to ask telepathically anybody anything.

In weeks of private mails you revealed many of those self-sabotaging considerations and I pointed them out to you … but even after months you don’t seem to be willing to change a thing.

So it is only logical to assume, you are perfectly happy to keep yourself in a self-sabotaged state. I may not like it but I accept your choice.

Maybe you can be twice as happy, if you burried yourself under twice as many self-sabotaging considerations(?;-)

Make more of them! – and see if the world becomes a better place.
What happened last time you telepathed?
Anything you’re afraid it might happen again?

I am not happy with it. It is a GPM. :)
What to say.

> What happened last time you telepathed?

It is even hard to try it. TR0 with somebody invisible is hard even to try,
a lot of effort on concentrating…
What happened? I am not sure if i even contacted Ron :) .
I got an idea, perhaps it was from my own head not from Ron.

> Anything you’re afraid it might happen again?

Failing to do any process i undertake.

> It is a GPM.

No matter what you call it; it is always the same sequence:

1. FIRST there is your natural abilty.
1a. you use it – something goes right – something goes wrong…
2. SECOND you make a self-sabotaging consideration to BLOCK your own ability.
3. THIRD – everytime you repeat your self-sabotage by saying the consideration the Blockade (GPM) grows.

Self-Sabotage is Out-Ethics. Nothing else.

> TR0 with somebody invisible is hard even to try, a lot of effort on concentrating.

That’s why people use an e-meter to steer through mental masses (blockades), like using a compass to steer a ship through thick fog to an island in the center of the fog.

Back to telepathing:
Find at least 5 things unforgiveable, that can go wrong when using telepathy.
How can telepathy get someone in big trouble?

Thinking, about what you are saying…
Cannot afford e-meter right now. May be someday.
Found 5 thing, but, i do not see how that can help.

Well done!
You found 5 considerations by which someone sabotages his own ability.

What would you recommend he should do now?


5 responses to “Q&Aforever

  1. Thetanforever

    I like Q&A.

    Before i answer to your last question, i want to ask another question.

    How to get an inspiration?
    If somebody know what he want to do, and do not have enough
    will, energy, inspiration (whatever) to do it, then he should do?

    How to find exact postulates that are hindering?

  2. Thetanforever

    *then WHAT he should do? I forgot to write “what”.

  3. Man, you’re a hoot! ;-)

    I hope you’re not trying to drive me insane – LOL
    (where is that damn :paranoid:-smilie???)

    Postulate = Consideration


    translate both words from english to your own language and back + find ALL the definitions in dictionaries, wordbooks, scn-glossaries and lexicons – online and offline.

    find similarities and differences between ‘postulate’ and ‘consideration’.

    make sentences with each.

    find examples, where you made considerations about yourself.

    *hint* – look at your own writing.

  4. Thetanforever


  5. What’s new?

    How are you?

    You disconected from me? :)

    You should grant me more beingness. :p

    Let us do not be like the CofS and FreeZone. They are using disconections sometimes. That’s wrong. And right thing is – to communicate sometimes, even with those that are not in same reality.

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