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Chain of Command

There isn’t any!

This is the long and short of the Truth about the Galactic Patrol’s Hierarchy.

This is the original idea of the organizational structure of the Free Zone: A Free Flow web of Peers – self-determined – self-responsible.

For reasons of freedom and security the GP has no “boss”. Or if it had, the “boss” is never incarnated to the same playground, where the other GP members operate. And the “no-boss” is never issueing any “orders” or “commands” – never ever!

Note: Read “security” as meaning to avoid the misuse of power and authority!

This concept of truely Total Freedom then, is so outlandishly alien to the people of this planet and even freezoners, that yet they were unable to comprehend what Freedom really is and were not able to anchor the concept in this world.

Yeah – even freezoners! Laughable, how every two years some self-proclaimed superdude steps up to the plate and tries to usurp the freezone.

The earthly freezone is leaderless! Period!
So if someone by words or actions poses as if a higher authority, as if he’s got the say over you or attempts to give you orders – you know what to do. Show him the finger! ;-) He is fake!

The concept of Total Freedom may be hard to grasp – no doubt, but it is the only way out.

Far worse, if you as a supposedly genuine GP-member shall not give orders but respect and ensure every being’s freedom – then what is there to do for you?

How can you influence what is going on in the world?

How can you create positive effects, if you may not play the “authority card”?


There may not be a chain of commands, orders and demands, no hierarchy – no “comply or die” – but you can make use of the water-chain.

Information travels just fine along a pyramid-structure. Avanlanche-effect. Currently the only use I could find, where a pyramid-system is useful – to spread information. In all other occasions, the pyramid is a destructive system – doesn’t work – especially not in money-making. A mathematical impossibility! – but this is a whole nother story;-)

So, in case you found some useful information here – help to spread the news. Start a free flow water-chain. Point two people here, who you think they might benefit from this information or post two links in your blog or to some forums.

Bypass fake authorities!


[will be edited]

I will include a little practical to the respective section, which teaches and trains how to deal with Free Beings. A truely fun process :-)


The Galactic Patrol

The Galactic Patrol (GP) is a group of Volunteers, who ensure the Freedom of all Life in the known universe.

The concept of the GP has much to do with “Water” – much to do with what water symbolizes. Water in it’s gaseous, flowing, crystalline and molecular forms.

The water molecule carries the Motto and Purpose, the Seed of organizational structure of the GP and it’s modus operandi.

So it is both a SEE Org and a SEA Org, although the earthly sea org of the Co$ bears NO similarities with the true SEA Org / GP – except for the fancy uniforms – while a true GPer doesn’t display any outer symbols – doesn’t need to – doesn’t have to. Visible outer symbols not only attract the true-blue guys but also the “counterplayers”. This is what happened to Hubbard’s sea org – the reason, why so many “suppressives” entered their ranks. Similar thing going on in the socalled freezone.

Re-finding this article in a now-unit of time, set off a whole chain of cognitions, recognitions and further realizations. (reminded me of the Helen Keller story – “water” was the only word she knew, before she got deaf and blind)

Excerpt Admin Briefing 4:
What did I find? The purpose “to be free” on the hydrogen, and “to live” on the oxygen. So, you have two “free” and one “to live”. So you can get the combination of, “to be free to live freely”, or “free to live freely”, or “live freely”. And when you look at what water does, it’s doing that. It’s very free.”

Motto and Purpose:
For Freedom and Freedom of Life

Organizational Structure:
One informs two, and each One informs two more … and so forth. Weaving a crystalline free-flow web.

Propagation of Freedom:
One frees two, and each One frees two more … and so forth. Snowball-effect. Crystalline water chain.

“to form a chain of water” = “at kele assar” (language before earth)

You see, there are no overlings and no underlings in the GP!

So, where is the chain of commands?

Fractal Tree - H2O

Eternal Games

Any game, which involves an eternal vow – any game, that curves back into itself in an unescapable circle – any game, which ends in eternity is an illegal game.

Games which involve a forever-commitment violate the Rights of a Thetan!

Thetans may leave any game any time they want, per self-determinism.


The CofS’s Sea Org. Their contract involves a forever-commitment
and their giving away most of their human rights.

Laws of human society prohibit this. There is no legal way to voluntarily commit yourself to lifelong slavery under the thumb of a slaveholder.

Human Rights are inalienable rights.

Same goes for the “loyal-officer / galactic patrol game”.
An “eternal volunteer” is a being, who can never leave
the game, he or she is no more and no less than a slave.

Thetan Rights are inalienable rights.

All these eternal “contracts” were nullified in 2003:
All members of the Galactic Patrol were relieved from their posts. The ones you see online, waving their banner so loudly are mere wannabes, playing for selfimportance – not knowing what the real game is.

These new wannabes and the “old” ones are free to make an application in PT or reapply in a new unit of time, provided they overcome their ego-issues.

One of the remaining few true GPers, who
are not playing for status or credentials,
picked up the concept and released a
visible announcement to the Sea Org –
a lower harmonic of the Galactic Patrol.
archived here

Since then they’re leaving in droves ;-)

Sure – none of them read this announcement. This is a true example of an OT-action. Getting things done by pure intention.


A game that folds back into itself – like thisĀ  pandeterminator, who pulls a blanket over the freedom of the beings in his sphere, and then “frees” the beings. PEEKABOO! – In admin-terms it’s plain Dev-T. What is it technically? – Narcism? – Stupidity? – or downright evil?